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The Adoption (Mg, cons, rom)
L. G. Storyman
2005-07-22 16:12:23 UTC
{ASSM} “The Adoption” (Mg, cons, rom)
By: L. G. Storyman ©2005

[This story is fiction and intended for mature adults. The story content
contains sexual situations between a child and an adult. If this sort of
story content offends you then please do not read it. All names, places of
business and professional services are fiction and no coincidence is assumed
with persons either living or dead. If you are not easily offended then
please sit with me and enjoy a tale from the Storyman.]

The Adoption
By: L. G. Storyman

Theodore Roosevelt Washington sat behind his desk twirling a number 2 pencil
in his fingers, listening for the phone that never rang, watching the door
for someone that never came and wondering just what the hell he was doing in
this business. Sixty years old and a washed up attorney at law, and he
thought that moving here would make the difference he needed in his
practice. But hell, they rolled up the sidewalks at night and nothing ever
happened in this sleepy town. What had he been thinking?

The green glass desk lamp was the only light in the room after the sun went
down and TR looked at the clock, then opened the lower desk drawer and
pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and a dirty glass and poured himself two
fingers of forgetfulness. Going to the window, he pulled back the curtain
and took a sip of the crisp whiskey, looking out. The sun was a few moments
from setting and the streets were empty. Letting the curtain fall back into
place he sat down again behind his desk, waiting.

The room was Spartan and somewhat old-fashioned. The frosted glass door
window held his pitch “T. R. Washington, Attorney at Law” in curved gold
letters and the bell striker arched above the door just below the transom
ready to ring should anyone wish to come in. Behind him a row of
bookshelves hastily constructed of common pine lumber held the Law, American
Jurisprudence in 36 volumes, the Illinois State Statutes in 91 volumes and
Westlaw's Supreme Court Decisions circa 1941-1963. On the wall to his left
hung the yellowed Law Degree in a warped wooden frame that had lost its
glass some years before. The hardwood floor had weathered and long ago lost
its sheen. In all it was just like him, old and worn.

As the Coca-Cola round faced clock struck 7:00 PM, TR pulled the tiny chain
that turned off his desk lamp, pushed his chair back and closed his eyes.


Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling the bell striker went as the door was opened and
then closed again. The old man sitting in the chair was asleep and looked
peaceful, she thought as the water dripped from her soaked and very dirty
dress having just come in from the rain. Barefoot and not a day older than
seven, she shivered and then pulled the dress over her head dropping it to
the floor and stood there in only her soiled panties. Wet little feet
patted against the wooden floor as she walked over beside the sleeping man,
sat down on the floor and cuddled against his warm leg in a fetal position.
Instinctively her thumb went into her mouth.


“How the hell do I know where she is dad, she probably just ran away!”

“RAN AWAY? You dumb fuck, you're supposed to be the one watching her!”

“Well, you hit her pretty hard dad, REALLY hard, knocked some of her teeth

“Yea well, she deserved it and when she gets back I'll knock the rest of her
teeth out and she can suck my cock with her bloody toothless mouth! It's
all she's good for anyway.”

The practically toothless boy of fourteen grinned as he thought of his
little step-sister sucking on his dad's cock when, slam, his fathers hand
knocked him nearly senseless.

“What the fuck you grinning at boy? Get the fuck outta here and tend to
them hogs!”


TR woke with a start, cleared his throat and went to rise out of his chair
when he felt the little girl clinging to his leg. It was clear she was not
going to let go of it either. As the first rays of sunlight drifted into
the room, TR saw the blood on her mouth and the swelling signs of black and
blue beginning to form on the side of her face. None-the-less she was a
pretty little thing. TR quickly looked around the room, seeing only the
little girl's dress on the floor but otherwise nothing looked different and
they were alone. The smell of the little girl soon told him that she needed
a bath and some clean clothes and that's when he decided to call Molly, the
local school teacher who neither ever married nor moved from the house she
grew up in.

“Molly? TR here. Need a little help this morning before school starts.
Can you come over to my office right away?”

“What is it Teddy Bear?” she asked fondly.

“Woman, I wish you would not call me that, its degrading for a professional
man like me. I'll tell you all about it when you get here.”

“Okay, Teddy Bear.” she giggled like one of her girl students.

TR tried to get the little girl to stand up but she would not move and
neither could he. He needed to use the restroom and it was becoming more
urgent all the time. Finally he sat down on the floor with her and she
moved into his arms as though she had known him all her life. Whew, the
odor was something else, but her skin was as soft as a baby's and her legs
and thighs had a shapely curve to them and for some reason he found her

Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling the bell striker went as Molly entered the room and
stopped dead in her tracks.

“Teddy, what's going on here? Who is that little girl? And when is the
last time you took a bath?”

“It's not me Molly, it's her, she needs a bath and some clean clothes and
then, I need some answers. Probably could use some food too.”

“For you or her?”

“Both of us.”

Molly picked up the phone and dialed her substitute while she looked at the
pitiful child sucking her thumb and clinging to Teddy for her very life.
Fact was she envied the child for being in his arms like that.

“Sandy, Molly here. I need you to sub for me today, something important has
come up and I can't make it in.”

“Thanks Sandy, really appreciate it. Bye.”

TR stood up holding tight to the little girl as she looked up into his eyes
with her thumb still in her mouth, and kissed her on the forehead. He
turned and together Molly and TR walked out the door and across the street
to Molly's house. It was still early and nobody was about to see the nearly
naked little girl in his arms as they crossed, and he was thankful for that.
Molly let him in and the first thing he noticed was that everything was as
neat and clean as a pin. They headed for the bathroom.

Molly drew the bath water and put in some bubble bath while TR tried to
extricate himself from the child. Then Molly stood up and just looked at
the two of them.

“Oh Teddy, give her to me you helpless man.” and the transfer was made when
the child heard those words.

TR stayed long enough to see Molly pull down the little girl's panties and
drop them un-dainty like on the floor. The feeling that the little girl was
sexy returned as he saw her hairless mons, and with that he closed the door
and went to sit down and wait, something he was very good at. Something was
running afoul here, who was this little girl, when did she get in last
night, why was she so dirty and then the blood and bruising?

“Teddy, come in here, now!”

TR opened the door and Molly motioned him over to the tub. The little girl
looked and smelled a lot cleaner and looked delightful with a head full of
soap bubbles.

“Look here, someone hit her so hard it knocked out some of her baby teeth.
Who in the world could do such a thing?”

TR winced, but said nothing right away. A lot of people could do something
like this and walk away with no remorse.

“And Teddy, she's been violated too.”

“Are you certain?”

“Yes I'm certain, I'm a teacher, remember?”

“Alright, look, take care of her until I get back. I'm going over and wake
Jake Thornton and get him on this.”

“Teddy? Be careful please.” there was more love in her voice than usual.

TR looked over again at the little darling and she lifted her little arm out
of the water and waved him goodbye. It almost brought tears to his eyes.


“Theodore Roosevelt Washington”, Jake loved to call him that, said it rang
of distinction and even standing at his front door in his pajamas, rubbing
the sleep out of his eyes, he never once missed the chance to say it.
Holding the screen door open, Jake let his old friend in.

“Mind if I use your bathroom, gotta piss like a race horse and this is the
first chance I've had?”

“Sure, go ahead, I'll go make some coffee.”

Sheriff Jake Thornton was enjoying his 23rd reelection and rightfully so, he
kept the town quiet and safe and people would sometimes just break the law
just enough to get arrested and spend the night in his jail only to have the
chance to get some of Sarah's home cooking. Jake and Sarah had been married
forever and still acted like newly weds as he loved chasing her all over the
house. Molly and Sarah were sisters but as different as night and day.

“Okay, what is so all-fired important that you'd wake me up this early?”

TR explained what had happened and what Molly's examination had revealed.
Jake could see that he was visibly bothered by it all. Jake said he would
look into it and TR left and returned to Molly's place.

“Made an appointment for the two of you this afternoon with Doc Williams.
That should give me enough time to get her some clothes. Be a dear and stay
with her until I get back, and by the way, I burned her old clothes in the

The little girl waited for TR to sit down and then crawled up into his lap
completely naked and both looking and smelling sweet. Now aware that he was
not going to hurt her she became very affectionate and loving toward him
when all at once he felt her hand on his manhood, squeezing gently. He
tried telling her not to do that but she had a mind of her own and ignored
him. Her little mouth moved closer to his and she kissed him, letting her
tongue brush against his teeth in exploration. His hands grasp her tiny but
firm buttocks and he kneaded them as she continued to kiss him with all the
passion she had. Finally she rose up and placed her left nipple into his
mouth and ran her fingers through his hair. This was followed by the
unmistakable smell of female arousal.

TR realized what was going on but could not help sucking on her breast that
was given to him so willingly and his mind was telling him no, but his
Johnson was speaking now as it became fully erect and ready for whatever
came next. Putting all judgment aside he switched to her other breast and
continued nursing on her, his hands now moving all over her soft body,
exploring her and indeed, loving her. It was the first time a man had
touched her and not hurt her and she could feel his love in a way that had
no words to describe. She knew what men wanted and she was giving that to
him willingly because of it.

When Molly returned from shopping she found the two of them asleep in each
others arms. It touched her deeply. While she was deeply fond of her Teddy
Bear, she knew that it would never lead to the alter, but it was nice to see
him with a child, kind of brought out the best in him she thought. Taking
her treasures to her bedroom and unwrapping all the little girl things she
had purchased, she paused and sat on the edge of her bed and wept openly.
And that was how TR found her.

For the first time in her life, the man she loved held her in his arms,
comforting her and she let the well waters flow. Molly had loved him since
the first day she saw him at career day when he spoke to her class all of
fifteen years ago. He was educated and spoke with authority and dignity and
he was oh so handsome and new to this town. Unlike the farmers, he was an
attorney, somebody important and the feeling made her wet between her legs
which nobody had ever done before. She felt like a giddy schoolgirl around
him and she could not help it. It was only now, this one moment she
thought, when he held her tight, feeling his chest on her breasts and his
breathing which calmed her into submission.

“Teddy Bear, I'm alright, it's just that, well you know, a woman thing.”

Her eyes were wet and her face tear stained and she nearly fainted dead away
when he kissed her on her lips, holding it for what seemed like forever. It
was too good to be true, but it was happening. Her arms went around his
neck and she kissed him back with fifteen years worth of pent up passion
that nearly stole his breath away. After a bit they broke off the kiss and
hugged each other.

“I got some really nice things for her that I hope she will like.”

The little girl stood at the doorway watching them kiss.

“Mommy, Daddy!”

She came on the run and jumped in between them, her arms going from one to
the other, finally settling between them with a happy look on her face.

“My name is Girl and I have finally found my mommy and daddy again.”

“No, you are a girl, that's not your name. Do you have another name?” Molly

“Nope, just Girl.”

“For the time being, we had better give her a name and I'm going to let you
choose it.”

“Do you think we can keep her?” Molly asked full of hope.

“If the circumstance are what I think they might be, the answer is yes,
after guardianship or adoption, whatever the court will allow.”

“Teddy PLEASE! I don't want to lose her, look at all the nice things for
her. I don't care if you won't marry me but can't we keep her and raise her
up the right way?”

“Sweet Molly, wherever did you get the idea that I would not marry you? I
just didn't know you wanted me to ask you.”

“Well now you know! So go away and let me dress my daughter!” and the tears
flowed again.

Molly was a fine looking woman pushing forty-five with a body that had never
been showed to anyone, but it was plain that she had some assets. Nearly an
hour later they came out. What a change, Molly was in shorts and looked
fabulous. Smooth graceful legs and equally smooth thighs that held the
shape of a mature female, she looked twenty years old.

“Teddy, I want you to meet your daughter, Isabel. Isabel, this is your new

The child came running and stopped right in front of me. She had on a
bright colored dress that flared out with little white socks and Mary Jane
shoes in white.

“I got a new name!” the child shouted with joy.

She crawled into my lap and put her mouth close to my ear.

“We'll still have our private moments when you can love me the way you want.
I promise.” she whispered.

So that was it, probably a new wife and a daughter all in one day, which was
good because I was not getting any younger and I had two girls to please me,
now that can't be all bad.


The story I got from Isabel was as pitiful as I have ever heard. On a farm
not far from town she had lived with her step-father and his son. Her own
mother taking her life after a beating that nearly left her dead anyway.
The subsequent molesting of her and the abuse she had suffered at the hands
of her step-father until the final blow that had both knocked her teeth out
but also knocked some sense into her abused brain and she ran away. I got
names and the address and had to listen to her tell of the way she was
treated and what was done to her. She spilled it all in a release that
shook her to the very core of life itself.

Jake Thornton rose to his feet and his stenographer wept silently in the
corner of the room. Four squad cars were sent, all that the town owned with
every officer that town had on its payroll. I was time for me to get busy.
Judge Henry Blackwell was called for the issuing warrant and I set about
preparing the case that would have this small town in an uproar overnight.
I waited outside the conference room until the child psychologist finished
with Isabel and let her walk out to me. Isabel reached up with her arms for
me to pick her up and I did so with pleasure.

Without waiting another day I filed a Petition for Temporary Guardianship
and Restraining Order with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Judge
Blackwell signed it. Isabel belonged to me for at least a little while and
oh was she happy about that. An Arraignment was scheduled and I understand
the boy was remanded to a safe house while his father was taken into custody
and sent to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. Isabel's real mother's
body was exhumed from the shallow grave uncovered in the hog pen and picked
up by the County Coroner. I tried explaining all that was happening to
Isabel, but she seemed to understand that I was making the bad go away and
the good come to stay and that was about as simple and to the point as any
attorney could have stated it.

I really did not want to share Isabel with Molly just yet, the feeling that
she was legally mine was just too new so after taking her to dinner at
Steaks & Things I took her home to my place, such as it was. I asked her
if she minded staying alone with me tonight and the response I got was
nothing like I expected. It was only after I said it that I realized that
she probably thought that I wanted to be alone with her for sexual reasons.

“I think I need another bath and maybe you do too.” she smiled suggestively.

“I hope you don't think I…”

“What, you don't want me that way?” cutting me short.

I dropped to my knees and she stepped in putting her arms around my neck.

“You may not want me, but I want you. I want you to love me that way we can
never talk about. I want you to do the things men want to do to little
girls like me. I want you to make love to me.”

“Oh God sweetheart I can't…”

“You're just scared cause this is your first time, I was scared like that
too before. But you won't hit me or punch me and I want to feel what it is
like without the pain.”

She stepped back and started taking her clothes off, teasing me with her
obvious strip act and in moments she was completely naked. Then she was all
over me, mussing up my hair, kissing me and feeling for my manhood. I was
as close to losing control as I had ever been, tempted beyond the point of
reasoning. She was female and I was attracted to her even if she was just a
little girl, or was it because she was a little girl, I no longer knew the
truth, I just wanted her now more than anything else in life and my manhood
agreed. I grabbed the cheeks of her butt and lifted her until her breasts
were at my mouth and took turns sucking on her now puffy nipples.

“Oh yesss.” she cooed.


“I'm getting wet; I can feel it between my legs. His gentle sucking on my
titties is wonderful feeling. Oh there, he found it. His finger is
forcing me open, going inside me now, going deep stretching me open. I
want this feeling so bad. I need him loving me this way and I can't wait
to be fucked again.”

I read the child psychologist's report again and I would keep re-reading it
until it made sense.


Having been raped and sexually abused at five years of age and then
repeatedly being sexually abused over the next two years, the child became
conditioned to the pleasures of sex and began blocking out the life
threatening physical abuse which ranged from repeated blows with a fist to
her abdomen and head to outright choking of the neck. Sexual stimulation
and satisfaction is not only easily achievable by a female child but just
as addictive to the child as it is to an adult female. Isabel took the
sexual activity as the only pleasure being offered and mistook lust for
love in the process with her abusive step-father.
Physical examination revealed severe and irreparable damage to her cervix
and uterus and she will never reach menarche or bear children at maturity.
There are also indications of internal damage to her spleen and kidneys and
ligatures about the upper neck and spinal area. The right side of her jaw
bone is fractured and there is severe trauma and damage to the facial
tissue and musculature beneath. Prognosis is not good and suggests a
shortened life span.
Carol Felding, PhD
Child Psychologist
FBI Child Abuse Taskforce
Case No. 72CR4078

Molly burst into tears when I showed her the report and held Isabel so close
to her as if protecting her from any further harm. Then there was Doc
Williams corroborating examination as well. It all was a hard pill to
swallow. Returning home I set about preparing the Petition for Adoption I
would file after the trial.

The Arraignment lasted all of five minutes and Isabel's step-father was
bound over for trial without speaking a word, which would have been pretty
hard since his mouth was wired shut and the straight-jacket was a nice touch
I thought. The trial was scheduled for a week from today.


“Draw near and give witness, the 37th District Court in and for the County
of McHenry is in session. The right honorable Judge Henry Blackwell
presiding. BE SEATED.”

Blackwell entered through the door to his chambers and stepped to his bench.
The gavel came down on the oak block sounding like a nearby rifle shot.

“Come to Order!” he issued as his black robe came to a standstill.

Isabel's step-father slumped forward, his head striking the solid oak table
he was sitting at, and within a minute the blood appeared pooling like a
small lake that wandered over to the edge of the table and became a
waterfall. Once more the sound of a nearby rifle shot was heard and with
half of his head blown away, a fourteen year old nearly toothless boy fell
over the banister and plummeted downward into the seating area below, his
rifle following behind him.

The room went into hysteria.

“SILENCE, I WILL HAVE ORDER!” Blackwell nearly screamed.

“Bailiff, clear this courtroom!”

The defense attorney pulled his client back and upright and the bullet hole
between his eyes had nearly stopped bleeding, but his blood covered
everything concealing his identity. There were people retching in the aisle
ways and several of the female jury members had fainted. Molly covered
Isabel's eyes as I leaped upward to survey the carnage.

“Hunting rifle with a scope, and a nice one, large caliber.” one of the
Officers stated.

When the courtroom was cleared I sat down at the Plaintiff's bench and
looked around. The Defense's bench had been removed and only a puddle of
blood remained on the terrazzo floor where it had once stood. Judge
Blackwell was still at his bench with his head in his hands. Isabel was in
my arms holding on tightly. Slowly the minutes passed before the Judge
looked up.

“TR, I am sorry for this deadly display in my courtroom. This case before
me obviously closed now in light of these events. Is there anything else
this Court can do for you?”

Isabel wiggled free of me and slid off my lap, straightened her dress and
walked up to the Judge's bench. Blackwell stood up and leaned forward to
both see her and listen.

“Mister Judge, I don't know what happened but I want TR to adopt me and for
Molly to be my mommy now. Can you make that happen?”

Molly stood up as I did and I embraced the woman who has loved me all these
years as we waited for an impossible answer. The air hung still, you could
hear a pin drop. Minutes passed. Judge Blackwell closed his case folder
and stepped down from his bench to kneel before the little girl.

“Yes, little one, I can make that happen.”

“Let me get things cleaned up and my schedule arranged. Bring me the
petition and all other paperwork and next Friday I will set things right.”
Blackwell smiled and kissed Isabel on the forehead.


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{ASSM} “The Adoption” (Mg, cons, rom)
By: L. G. Storyman ©2005

This story is offtopic in this group; it's not at all disgusting. :) Well
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{ASSM} “The Adoption” (Mg, cons, rom)
By: L. G. Storyman ©2005
This story is offtopic in this group; it's not at all disgusting. :) Well
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