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STORY Family Ways (Mf, cons, pedo, incest)
2006-05-07 04:24:38 UTC
Family Ways (Mf, cons, pedo, incest)

An Erotic Story

By Frank McCoy

This story is not for everyone and may contain some quite graphical
depictions of children, adolescents, and adults in extreme sexual
situations. If any of this subject matter offends you then don't read
The things depicted herein are purely fiction.

If you've gotten past that, I'm going to assume that, like me, you are
sick fuck who gets off on pre-teens. If not, what the fuck are you
doing reading this?
If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at ***@INHELL.COM

"Oh Sis, I'm . . . ."
"Jason! Don't cum in me. I just KNOW I'm fertile . . . I
could have a baby!" The little girl's cry of warning belied her
frantic hip-movements, as Diane bucked her hips back at her big
brother, just as hard as he was thrusting into her. Diane's mind
may have been worried about getting pregnant, but her body knew
what IT wanted, and didn't give a damn about little things like
I looked down to where most of my son's cock had vanished
up inside his 13-year-old little sister's tight little slit.
From the jerking of the boy's penis, I knew the he wouldn't be
able to hold out very long. So, I decided that I'd better act
fast, If I was going to do anything at all, before it was too
Hurriedly, I reached down and grabbed my son's hips, and
PUSHED, as hard as I could! The last half-inch of my son's penis
slid up inside the little girl. "You've got to squirt it as far
up inside your little sister as you can, if you're going to get
her pregnant," I told the boy.
Diane's eyes widened in shock, as her big brother's cock
stretched her uterus, and then popped inside her fertile young
womb, when the 15 year old boy began to cum. It was so exciting
to watch my son impregnate his little sister. Spasm after spasm
shook the boy's body, as he squirted gob after thick sticky gob
of his potent seed right up inside his own little sister's
unprotected young womb.
"Ungh. Unnngghhh!" grunted Jason. "Oh God, I'm cumming in
you! Oh Diane!"
My daughter whimpered a little, then suddenly seemed to
accept her fate. As her big brother wrapped his arms and legs
around her and kept pushing, Diane hugged him back while saying,
"Oh God Mom, I just KNOW I'm going to have a baby. Jason is
cumming inside me so much, I just know I'm going to get pregnant
before I make it to high school. Oh God! Pregnant by my own
brother! Oh God, it feels so good, I can't stop."
I watched closely, to be sure my son did it right, and left
every drop of his incestuous sperm in the little girl's tight
little belly where it belonged. It wasn't until he had finished
his orgasm and his cock could no longer remain erect, that he
pulled out of his little sister.
I could see a thick white drop of sperm dripping off the end
of the boy's penis as he withdrew; and shortly a matching drop
started to ooze out of Diane's tight little crack. I knew my son
had done it right, and had left a generous helping of his baby-
making sperm in his own little sister's cute little tummy.
Hopefully, that same tummy would soon be swelling with her big
brother's baby kicking and squirming inside her. Well, if not,
I'd see to it that Jason kept right on trying until it was.


Gently bending over Diane with a smile on my lips, I took
the tampon in my hand; said, "Hold still darling," and inserted
the tip of the tampon up into Diane's freshly fucked pussy lips
and gave it a push. "I want to be sure all that sperm stays
inside you, where it belongs," I told her; as I pulled the
applicator out. I started gently rubbing Diane's pussy-lips;
pulling on her nipples; and rolling her breasts, until Diane
moaned; closed her eyes; and had her own orgasm.
The whole idea of mating Jason and Diane, had been mine back
when I first started noticing my daughter's bra's were beginning
to really show off her breasts, and that that her hips were
getting broad enough to accept "natural childbirth". I then
started calculating the days in the calendar since Diane had her
last period and figured my little girl was ovulating regular as
When Diane's fertile time of the month came, I talked her
into a massage and then separated my daughter from most of her
clothes. She was not easy, but after I reached around, unsnapped
her bra, and started rubbing her breasts; working on her nipples
gently; she relaxed. I watched the reaction as my daughter's
skin tone turned to blushing-pink in arousal; and a little moist
ring formed in her panty crotch, as she relaxed against the bed
and spread her legs. When I told Diane I had a surprise for her,
she opened her eyes and saw her brother. At first, she tried to
cover-up, but I told her to relax while Jason sat on the bed
beside her and started rubbing where I left off. I had taught
him well. Soon Diane was relaxing into his rubbing, as he
climbed on top of her. She barely noticed, and I knew she was a
goner; so I pulled her panties down over her ankles and told her
to spread her legs farther apart. You can guess the rest . . .
Jason got his penis between the little girl's legs and started
making a baby in his little sister.
For the next three days I made sure that my son squirted his
seed in his little sister at least once a day, while she was most
fertile. After all, I didn't want my daughter to miss any
chances! A few times after that, I actually saw him fucking his
little sister even without my prompting. Damn, I was proud of my
My husband was very impressed with my calculations a month
later, when Diane came into our bedroom with a worried look on
her face, and told me she had missed her period. I smiled,
reached into the night-stand next to the bed, and removed a
pregnancy test-kit I bought the previous month, for such a "hoped
for emergency." Then I took my daughter into the bathroom and
took her urine sample. The test was positive and soon Diane
started getting sick in the morning.
Diane was not a happy camper for the first three months, but
as soon as her skirt "puffed-up", I put my daughter into young-
miss maternity clothes. She wouldn't wear the cute little
T-shirt I got her that said "Big Brother's Baby" on it to school;
but I made sure she wore it around the house, so all her
relatives knew just whose baby was kicking and squirming in the
little girl's cute little tummy.


I made sure Diane was ready to have the baby long before the
baby was due. I talked it over with the OB/GYN and got
permission to have a home delivery for her.
When the big day arrived I had Diane in our room spread out
on the bed with video cameras rolling. After two hours of
sweating, straining and pain, Diane's pregnancy terminated with
the delivery of a healthy 7lb 4oz boy . . . Jeremy David (J. D.
after his parents). I helped cleanup Diane after the delivery
and brought the baby in for its first feeding. Diane's breasts
were extremely large after the pregnancy (at only 13 years, 34D
cups) and after her milk arrived they were extremely tender.
At first, Diane was worried about starting to school while
nursing the baby, because she wanted her son to be raised on
breast-milk, yet couldn't very well nurse him in class, could
she? But she hadn't counted on me. Two weeks before Diane was
to start school I rented a commercial breast-pump and introduced
Diane to the pump after she had just completed her first morning
I could say Diane was very surprised when I rolled in the
door with the pump. She asked, "What is that?!"
I just smiled and told her to remove her nursing bra.
Diane looked puzzled but complied. The rest was history. I
approached her with the twin suction cups and held them in place
drawing off her milk. That became the way she was milked every
morning after her bath. Diane would feed Jeremy in the morning,
when she awoke, and then an hour later I would milk her to get
extra for Jeremy during the day. When she got home, she would
feed him again; then I would milk her a second time, to get every
drop for later. Then Jeremy again before bedtime, and in the
middle of the night with the machine. They say that the more
milk a baby sucks, and the oftener he does it, the more milk a
girl produces. With her son AND the milking machine alternating,
Diane became quite a little "milker" as I called her; and she
produced enough milk for three babies. The extra milk we donated
to the hospital for mothers that couldn't nurse, but their babies
needed breast milk. The whole family was proud of our little
"dairy herd". After a while, Diane got to be just as proud of
her accomplishments as we were.
When Diane's baby was weaned, Diane wanted to stop nursing
but I was having none of that! So when Diane started to "dry-up"
you can guess what happened next. Jason was called into "stud-
service" and Diane was impregnated again. Only this time it took
almost 6 months of trying on his part. Boy did HE have fun
though; squirting his sperm inside his little sister's fertile
young womb almost every night, and sometimes two or three times a
day. Actually, BOTH kids had fun, once Diane got used to the
idea that she was going to be either lactating, pregnant, or
working to become pregnant, as long as she remained at home. My
goal was that Diane would produce at least three children before
going off to college . . . .

In fact, our daughter produced FOUR cute little rug rats
before she left to join her big brother in college. Jeremy,
Darlene, Jack and Melanie. (My husband Marvin had to "help out"
on the last one by squirting HIS potent sperm in our little
girl's womb for over six months, as Jason was in college himself
by that time.)
That was over six years ago, that she left. You might think
we miss her since she moved out with her brother, and we do; but
yesterday Darlene was complaining about cramps, and her panties
had a brown stain in them. I can hardly wait.

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