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H. Grant's extreme pedo / teen stories
H. Grant
2004-11-30 19:34:11 UTC
Stories written by H. Grant:

Playing With Little Katie (released Jan. 2000)

Dumb Debbie (released Feb. 2000)

Winter Rain (released Feb. 2000)

Changing Little Kelly's Pampers (released March 2000)

Candy For The Men (released March 2000)

A Short Toddler Monologue (released March 2000)

A Fairy Tale About Little Wendy (released March 2000)

Tina's Hospitalization (released Apr. 2000)

Baby Jane's Dirty Panties (released Apr. 2000)

Having Fun With Little Jenny (released Apr. 2000)

The Treasured Waste Of A Decade (released Apr. 2000)

Lauren Makes Potty In Her Panties (released Apr. 2000)

Trixie's Smelly Underpants (released Apr. 2000)

Donna's Dirty Brown Hole (released May 2000)

Barbie's Messy Bottom (released June 2000)

Shelly In Diapers (released June 2000)

Trailer Trash Bimbo (released July 2000)

Cindy's Brown Shower (released July 2000)

The Dark World of S.E.P.M. (released July 2000)

Ginny And Sara Play 'Peek-A-Boo' (released July 2000)

Dim Witted Cheerleader (released Aug. 2000)

The Nursery Room (released Aug. 2000)

Smelling Little Lisa's Anus (released Sept. 2000)

Penny's Transformation (released Oct. 2000)

The Story of Bimbolina (released Nov. 2000)

Little Schoolgirl (released Dec. 2000)

Diapering Betsy (released Jan. 2001)

Emily's Smelly Brown Present (released Feb. 2001)

Candy And Traci (released March 2001)

Sweet Little Caroline (released March 2001)

Bimbo Pleasure (released May 2001)

Toddler Time (released May 2001)

Diapers For Alice (released June 2001)

Meredith Learns Her Place (released Aug. 2001)

Kim's Little "Pee Pee" Game (released Oct. 2001)

Samantha Becomes A Bimbo (released Nov. 2001)

Little Chrissy: Pamper Model (released Feb. 2002)

Melissa Pulls Down Her Panties (released May 2002)

Taking Advantage of Winnie (released Sept. 2002)

Monica: Blonde And Dumb (released Dec. 2002)

Julie Smells (released Dec. 2002)

Changing Jenny's Diaper (released May 2003)

Darcy Pees Her Panties (released May 2003)

The Playroom (released July 2003)

The Perfect Blonde (released Dec. 2003)

Baby Megan (released Jan. 2004)

A Nanny's Dirty Chores (released March 2004)

Teddy Bear Cotton Panties (released March 2004)

Ashley Wets Her Panties (released May 2004)

My Dirty Scat Experience (released Aug. 2004)

Baby Kaitlynn's Messy Training Pants (released Sept. 2004)
* co-written by fellow author "A Very Sick Man"

Fondling Baby Jessica (released Oct. 2004)
2004-12-06 20:55:28 UTC
how do i get to read these stories
2004-12-06 20:56:41 UTC
how do i get to read these stories
2004-12-06 20:59:44 UTC
how do i get to read these stories
2004-12-08 17:23:51 UTC
how do i read these stories?
thank you.
2004-12-10 06:47:46 UTC
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how do i get to read these stories
Go here bro: http://www.asstr.org/~H_Grant/main.htm