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STORY: Slutboy (Mb,pedo,oral,anal)
2006-05-06 13:38:28 UTC

By Monster J (M/b, pedo, oral, anal)

Let me first tell you about myself, my name is Joe. I'm forty years old
and I'm a black male with a taste for young girls and boys. For some
reason they just come up to me and hug on me and as soon as my dick
starts to grow they just reach out and grab it.

At first I'd always push their hands away and tell them that they are
not to do that again and that it was wrong, but lately I've had a
change of heart. I've known for some time that kids get me horny, but
kept myself in check. That is until one day, Diane asked me to watch
her three-year-old son Tommy, or Tom, as I call him. She had to go out
of town to stay with her sick father, but she was taking her two girls,
Reeree and Cagney, as they were six and seven years old, would not get
in the way, and could do some things for themselves.

So I said, "Sure, bring him over." Since I'm the godfather of all three
of her kids, they are used to me being around and picking them up from
daycare and school, and taking them to the park, Chuck E. Cheese, and
so on.

Around 1:00 PM, Diane dropped Tom off, and as I opened the door he
jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
Holding him, I told her that I hope that her father gets well soon,
gave her a peck on the lips, and said, "Tom and I will be OK, don't
give us a second thought."

She kissed Tom and said, "See you in a week or two," and left.

Tom and I had chicken nuggets and fries for dinner and watched TV. Then
at about 6:00 we had a game of hide and seek, which he always wins. At
8:00, we settled in on the sofa for more TV, and that's when it all

Tom had jumped into my lap and started to grind his little ass on me
while watching the movie "Casper". My dick started to grow, poking his
shorts up his ass. He stopped, turned to face me, and smiled at me,
thinking that this was a game, I think. As he looked at me, then the
front of my pants, I asked if he wanted to see what the hard thing was,
and he smiled and nodded his head yes.

I moved him to the side of me, unzipped my zipper, and told him to
reach inside and pull it out. He was a little scared at first, but I
assured him that it wouldn't hurt him. My dick jumped at the touch of
his soft hand and he jumped too, but he kept his hand inside my shorts,
feeling me all over. Tom was having some trouble releasing my staff,
but he kept trying until he freed my fat cock.

I put my hand over his, stroking myself with his hands, hoping that he
got the idea. Shit! Did he ever! He pulled up and down on my dick like
a pro.

My head was thrown back as the feeling got better and better. "Yessssss
Yesssss Yessss!!!!!!! Tom, jerk my hard cock, you little sex freak."

Tom just smiled and jerked my dick.

"Ohhhh Ohhhh yess yesss yes!!!! Slutboy! Tom, can you put it in your
mouth for me, baby?" I asked and he just bent his head and sucked my
dick right into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! SShitttt!!! Yesss!! That's it, suck meeeeee!!!" I placed
my hands behind his head and slowly fucked his face as he moaned and
gagged a little bit. My hips rocked back and forth in a steady pace
with my dick coated in his throat juice.

Tom made no effort to back off of me, he just bounced his head up and
down in pace with my assault on his mouth.

"Yes that's it boy, take it! Suck my fat dick." Tom's throat felt so
damned tight as I slid easily down it. His little cheeks puffed out as
I jammed my cock in and out. I just could not believe that this
three-year-old was deep-throating me and loving it.

I wanted this feeling to last forever, but I wanted to do more than
just a blowjob, so I backed out of his mouth as he looked at me as if
to say, "Why you stop?"

I got up, removed the rest of my clothes, and then proceeded to remove
his. "Look Tom, I'm about to show you what it means to be a Slutboy,

He just nodded his head. I moved him onto his hands and knees on the
couch and knelt behind him, taking a handful of spit and working it
into his asshole. He jumped and moaned as my thick finger loosened up
his boy-pussy. I didn't know if my eight inches of hard steel would
fit, but I was sure as hell going to find out.

"Now Tom, be a good boy-bitch and hold still for me."

"OK Joe," he said as I placed the head of my cock to his rosebud.
Slowly I pushed in as his ass opened up for me. One inch, two inches,
and then five inches of my cock slid into him. God, he was so tight
that it almost hurt. He started to cry a little, so I backed out some
and held still so he could get used to the size of my dick. That seemed
to do the trick so I proceeded to push more into him.

Now I had six maybe six and a half inches in his guts. Tom started to
warm up to my peanut butter packer and kind of rocked back into me at a
nice, even pace. I held his hips still and began to push and pull my
dick out. His little ass puckered on the retreat and sucked me in deep
on the plunge.

"Ummmm... Ohhhhh yes, this is great!" I could feel him grip my cock
snugly, making it hard for me to concentrate for a second. He was about
to get a full load of cock sauce deep in his boy-pussy.

"Ohhhh... Ohhhh, shit, fuck yeah! You like that, don't you?" I asked as
I picked up my pace, now fucking him faster and faster, but making sure
not to give him the whole eight inches of my meat. My cum was rising
from deep within my balls.

"MMmmmm... Mmmmmm" was the only sound that came from the three year
old's mouth as I continued to pound that ass. In the need for release,
I pushed hard and deep, spilling my seed into his ass. That must have
surprised my little bitch, because he jerked his head up and screamed
out a lustful moan.

I slowed down my movements as my cum flowed out his ass while my dick
was still in him. I could not believe I had that much cum in me. As I
pulled out, it just flooded from him.

I looked between us and he had loads of it dripping from him. My cock
started to go limp, but I'm wasn't through just yet. I dipped my limp
dick in the mess I made in his ass, getting it good and soaked with my
emissions and told Tom to get up turn around and clean my cock.

Tom couldn't wait. He just dove right on in and began to lick me clean.
As his tongue swiped large globs of sweet, sticky cream from my pole,
my dick got hard again. He opened his mouth wide and again sucked my

"Ohhm, ahhhhh, ahhhhh shit, this feels so damn good." I was amazed that
I was ready for round two so fast.

I stood there in front of him, feeding my cock to him and he just loved
it. Slurping and sucking, my three-year-old godson was making me weak
in the knees. Hands on either side of his head, I slowly fucked his

"Oomph... Oomph..." was all I could hear as my stiff rod snaked in and
out of his throat.

His spit frothed and foamed from his mouth, my dick shined from the
wetness, and my nuts heated up from the friction. My head was dizzy,
and my heart and cock were matching pounding beat for pounding beat,
while my rhythm was steady and smooth. His gag reflex was making his
throat grip me vise-like, but cumming earlier made my dick able to last
longer this time. So I just kept pumping, feeling Tom's eagerness to be
my boy-bitch for as long as I want him to.

He bobbed his head and gave it a little twist that sent shivers up my
spine, then his tongue rubbed the underside of my shaft and that did

"Ohhh fuck, shit yessss... yessss..." I slammed my cock forward as I
pulled his face to my pelvis, shooting my load into his stomach.
Coughing and choking with my nuts pressed to his lips, he tried to
swallow my load, spitting cum out around the massive man-meat stuck in
his throat.

Finally spent I released him, pulled my stick from his mouth, and said,
"Now it's your turn, my boy." I said as I stood him up on the sofa,
dropped to my knees, and sucked both his cock and balls into my mouth
at the same time.

Tom couldn't believe the feelings he was receiving he grabbed my 'fro
and humped my face. Now I knew he couldn't produce sperm yet, but I
thought he could have an orgasm. As a matter of fact, I knew he could.
His body shook and he moaned as my tongue swabbed and bathed his small,
hard package. His head flew back, his eyes rolled to the back of his
head, and then he slumped forward and pushed my mouth off of his tender
cock. Totally spent, we fell asleep with him on top of me.

Slutboy and his sisters coming soon.
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