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STORY A Visit To The School Nurse (Lesbian sex, Older woman/girls, NC?, Drugs)
2006-05-08 12:42:22 UTC
A Visit to the School Nurse

By Jouissance (Lesbian sex, Older woman/girls, NC?, Drugs)


Jane Harris enjoyed the start of a new term more than any other part of
her job. As resident nurse of St. Mary's Boarding School for Girls it
was her duty to carry out a general medical examination of any new girl
starting at the school. As a lesbian with a taste for very young girls,
she loved the opportunity to look over the fresh young flesh of each
new intake. From the slim barely developed 12 year olds to those of 14
or 15 joining the school later, she took pleasure in the chance to
touch and probe the tender flesh. More importantly it gave her the
perfect excuse to carefully pick out her special favourites, those whom
she would single out for her very special attention in the coming

This term was no exception. On the first morning of school the
headmistress had read out a list of six names.

'I would like to welcome all you new girls to St. Mary's and I'm sure
that you will enjoy your time with us. I have posted a list on the
notice-board giving the times for your medicals. Check these times
please and report to the nurses office punctually.'

Six was an above average number for a mid-year. Six new girls from whom
to choose her special new pet. Jane smiled to herself, as she felt her
pussy moisten in anticipation. During the following 2 days she examined
each of the girls in turn. Each stood naked before the nurse as the
woman checked temperature, blood pressure and respiration. An intimate
questionnaire followed with special emphasis on the girls sexual
maturity. The result of this did not form part of the records she
compiled for the school. The questions were simply to establish how
much the girls knew about sex. Jane wanted only the most innocent of
virgins. Her pleasure was always greater when her special new friend
was hers to initiate. The exams were conducted in an otherwise
businesslike way, with Jane taking her enjoyment from fleeting contacts
with her young charge's bodies. The real fun would come later, when her
choice had been made. The nurse was very exacting in her requirements
and this meant that not every intake provided her with a new pet. Last
term the three new starters had all been 16 and two of them had not
been virgins. The third was a fat little bore who held no attraction at
all. She had chosen none of them and so, for the last few months, she
had been without the stimulation of a fresh young cunt.

This time, however, the six examinations had yielded two distinct
possibilities. The first was Charlotte, a 14 year old with long red
hair, pale freckled skin and small budding breasts of the type that
Jane loved. The girl's sparse red pubic hair had highlighted, rather
than covered her pussy and it had been all Jane could do not to slip a
finger between the puffy cunt lips there and then. The other girl to
catch her eye had been Amanda, slim, dark and only 12. Jane had been
particularly taken with the way Amanda had blushed as an 'accidental'
touch during the exam had caused her little nipples to harden. They had
swollen quickly, standing out half an inch from the girl's flat chest.
Faced with this embarrassment of riches, Jane made the only reasonable
choice. She would have them both.

The next day, the nurse, making the excuse of needing to carry out one
or two new tests, sent notes to both girls house mistresses. She asked
for both girls to return to the surgery after class the next evening.
This was not an unusual request and both Charlotte and Amanda were in
turn informed by their teachers. Jane Harris slept little that night in
anticipation of the pleasures that awaited her the next day. Visions of
two soft young bodies filled her mind as she lay in bed, her soaking
cunt filled with her favorite dildo. Tomorrow she would make two new
friends. Two special little pets to call her own.


Charlotte knocked on the door of Nurse Harris's exam room at exactly
six o'clock. She had finished her last lesson half an hour before and
had been
fretting ever since. What could be wrong? Why had the nurse asked to
see her again? Nothing had seemed the matter yesterday. In fact the
nurse had been very nice to her. Now she waited nervously for a reply
from within.

'Come in.'

As Charlotte entered the room Nurse Harris looked up from the papers on
her desk and smiled warmly.

'Hello again Charlotte. Sit down and make your self comfortable. Have
you enjoyed your first couple of days at St. Mary's? It must be a
little strange to be away from home for the first time.'

'It's ok really. I've made a few friends already.'

'I'm not surprised. A lovely girl like you.' The nurse's warm smile
made Charlotte feel much more relaxed.

'I was wondering why you wanted to see me again. There isn't anything
wrong is there?'

'Oh no dear. Everything is quite alright. I just needed to ask you a
few more questions for my records. It's always such a rush at the
beginning of term that I quite forgot. Now you can rest easy can't you.
Nothing at all to worry about.'

Jane could see the girl visibly relax into her chair. A few routine
questions followed, all dull stuff about Charlotte's medical history.
The girl answered easily and happily.

'And what about your periods? Have you started yet?'

The girl blushed a little but answered readily.

'I started about six months ago'

'And you haven't had any sexual experiences have you? This is just
between you and me, entirely confidential.'

'N-no. None at all. I haven't done anything like that'

'I'm so glad to hear it. You would be surprised how many of the girls I
see have experimented with boys at your age. Not a good idea at all.'
The nurse then quickly changed the subject again, returning to

'Oh, and one last question. Have you had a flu vaccination? We are
prone to outbreaks here. With so many people close together like this,
a bug like that can sweep through the place in no time'

'Well no, I haven't had one. Is it important?'

'I really would recommend it. It can save a lot of misery later on. I
can do it for you now if you like. You aren't scared of needles are

A look of apprehension crossed Charlottes face for a moment.

'Well I don't like them much. Who does? But if you think it's important
then I'll do it.' She wriggled uncomfortably in her seat.

'Good girl. It won't hurt at all. I'm told I'm very gentle.' Jane
opened a drawer in her desk and removed a small vial and a disposable
syringe. 'Now just take off your blouse and it will all be over in a

Charlotte removed her school tie and unbuttoned her uniform shirt.
Looking at the girl sitting in her skirt and little bra brought a warm
damp feeling to Jane's pussy. The girl's small hard breasts pushed at
her first bra, her little nipples outlined within the fabric. Carefully
Jane drew a little of the contents of the vial into her hypodermic.
Taking hold of Charlotte's slender arm she turned it to expose the soft
flesh of the inner surface of the elbow. She found a vein easily
beneath the pale skin.

'Now this won't take a moment. Be brave for me now and it will soon be

She stroked the tender flesh raising the vein and then slid the needle
in slowly and easily. Charlotte winced for a moment in anticipation of
the pain, but then relaxed. Jane Harris was indeed an expert. She took
a deep and sensual pleasure in sliding the needle home. It always made
her cream as she penetrated the girls this way. She took her time,
carefully injecting the measured dose, wanting to savor these first
intensely arousing moments. At last she pulled the needle free of
Charlotte's arm.

'There' she said. 'Now that didn't hurt a bit, did it?'

'No, not at all.' Charlotte smiled shyly at the nurse. 'It stings a
little bit now though.'

'Ah well, there is a secret to making that better. Do you know what it

'No, tell me.'

'I'll show you. This is how you take the sting away.' Still gently
holding the girl's arm, Jane bent forward and kissed the tender spot.
Her tongue licked, wetly, over the soft white skin.

'Oh, that feels funny! I feel a bit funny all over. I'm a bit weak and

'Injections sometimes affect people like that. It's a bit like shock.
Why don't you go next door into my room for a few minutes? You can have
a lie down.'

'That would be nice. I feel a bit odd, rather fuzzy.'

Jane led the girl through a door into her own comfortable little flat
and laid her gently on the bed.

'I'll come back and see you soon. You'll feel much better in a few
minutes. I have to see another patient now. But I'll be right back. It
won't be long now.'

Leaving the girl dozing, she returned to her office and closed the door
behind her. It would be a few minutes before the cocktail of drugs she
had injected into Charlotte took full effect. The mild narcotic would
relax her while the hypnotic would make her far more open to
suggestion. Jane sat for a moment anticipating the pleasure ahead of
her. Her reverie was interrupted by a tapping at the door.

'It's me Miss. Amanda Turner.'

'Come right in dear. I'm ready for you now.' Jane smiled sweetly as the
slight figure of the 12 year old came into her office. The nurse was
already taking a second syringe from her drawer. 'Hello Amanda. Now
tell me, have you had a flu jab?'


'Charlotte dear? Wake up now. How do you feel?'

The words came to Charlotte through a haze. A hand was gently shaking
her and her head slowly cleared. It was a moment before she realized
where she was. She was laid on a bed in the school nurse's little flat
next to the examination room.

'Oh, I'm sorry. I must have dozed off. I still feel a bit funny Miss

'Don't you worry darling. It's a nice feeling isn't it? Lovely and

The girl considered the strange sensations that washed through her body
and mind. The nurse was right. She did feel nice in a funny sort of

'Sit up now Charlotte. Come on, I have a friend you must meet.'

Jane gently pulled the girl up into a sitting position before helping
her to her feet. Charlotte stood on slightly unsteady legs.

'The dizziness will pass in a moment. Come here now and meet Amanda.'
Jane led Charlotte over to the sofa where the younger girl sat, looking
slightly dazed. She was smiling to herself as she sat in only her white
knickers. Her thin dark body was clearly younger than Charlotte's. She
was very slight and her naked chest showed no sign yet of developing

'Hello, I'm Amanda.' She grinned up at Charlotte 'I'm new here. Are you
a new girl too?'

Jane smiled at the girl's open expression and the slightly uncontrolled
way that the words had tumbled from her mouth.

'Are you feeling all nice now Amanda? I can tell. And how about you
Charlotte? Isn't it a lovely feeling? Come and sit here next to Amanda
and keep her company. You new girls should stick together.'

The two girls were now seated side by side on the sofa. Jane sat across
from them in an armchair. Amanda was staring intently at the older girl
and blushing.

'I can see your bra! You've got titties,' she giggled . Charlotte too
blushed deeply.

'Aren't they nice Amanda?' Jane chuckled too. 'Lovely and small and

'I wish I had titties.' Amanda pouted. 'I haven't got any at all.'

'Oh don't sulk sweetheart. You have got such pretty nipples. I think
they're sweet and very sexy. They're so hard and they stick out so
nicely. Don't you think so?' Jane addressed her question innocently to

'Mmm?' The girl had drifted off, momentarily, into a world of her own.
'Oh yes. They look nice.' She looked down at Amanda's flat chest. 'They
do that when you feel naughty. Mine do that when I'm feeling rude.'

Jane sat back, watching intently and enjoying these first moments of
the girls sexual awakening.

'Is that right Charlotte? Well then, are you feeling naughty then
Amanda? Is that why your nipples are all stiff?

Amanda just giggled and touched a stiff teat with her finger.

'You seem to know all sorts of interesting things Charlotte. What else
happens when you feel naughty?'

'I can't say, it's rude!'

'You can tell me darling. I know you want to tell me really. I won't
mind if you say a rude thing, really I won't. You can be as naughty as
you want, both of you.' Jane grinned conspiratorially at the girls,
drawing them into the game.

'Can I say nipples!' Charlotte was seized by a fit of giggling. 'Can I
say... you know... down there?'

'You can say anything you like darling. Amanda and I won't be
embarrassed. What do you call "down there" ?'

'I call it my cunny!' piped in Amanda. 'My big sister calls it that. I
heard her say it once.'

'I think that's sweet Amanda. You can both call it anything you like. I
call mine my pussy or my cunt. You were telling us what happens when
you feel naughty Charlotte'

'When I feel naughty.... sexy... my thing.... cunny... feels all wet
and ticklish.' Charlotte whispered her secret, blushing a deep red.

'Gosh!' Amanda too whispered.

'Are you feeling naughty and sexy now Charlotte?' Jane knew that the
girl was aroused. The combination of drugs she had injected both girls
with had been designed to lower their inhibitions and make them open to

'I think so,' answered Charlotte thoughtfully, 'let me see.'

The 14 year old lifted up the front of her skirt and pulled aside the
crotch of her panties. Her finger parted the soft red curls of her
pubic hair and rubbed slowly along the length of her virgin slit.

'Mmmm yes. It's all warm and sticky. That means I'm feeling sexy.' She
nodded slowly to herself as a flush came to her cheeks.

Jane could see the small nipples stiffen within the pretty white bra.

'Why don't you show Amanda? I'm sure she would love to see your sexy

'Oh yes! Show me! Take your knickers off and let me look.' Amanda
bounced excitedly on the sofa.

All restraint over come by the drugs, Charlotte pulled her panties off
and spread her legs wide to show the younger girl her cunt. The lips
parted slightly as she rubbed a slender finger along them.

'I can see now.' Amanda bent forward to take a closer look. 'It's all
wet and shiny. I like the red hair on your cunny.'

'Do you have any hair there Amanda?' Jane was gently directing the
girl's actions, savoring the way they were discovering their bodies.

'No! Don't be silly! I'm too young. I haven't any hair on my cunny or
any titties yet.'

'Well we don't know darling. You'll have to show us. Come on, take your
knickers off. Charlotte and I would love to see if you have any hair.'

'Yes Amanda. Show us. Show us you're not fibbing.'

The child swiftly removed her knickers and spread her legs as wide as
Charlotte. She was naked now and her tight hairless sex was on display.

' I told you, sillies. Look, no hair.'

'Does it get sticky like mine if you touch it?' Charlotte looked from
Amanda's cunt to her own and then back again. She reached out and
placed her hand over the younger girl's soft mound.

'Ohhh! That's nice. Your hand feels all warm and soft. Touch it like
you were touching yours. Mmmmm'

Charlotte put out a finger and began to rub the little cunt. Amanda
moaned and began to wriggle her bum on the sofa.

'Ohhhhhh ! Do it some more. It's good.'

'When I rub mine I touch the hard little thing at the top.' Charlotte
moved her finger gently toward the top of Amanda's slit.

'It's called your clitoris darling, or just your clit.' Jane added her
own little note of encouragement. 'Show Amanda what you mean. Find her
clit and it
will make her feel ever so sexy'

'I've found it! It's very little but it's nice and hard. I'll do it for
you Amanda.' She applied her finger to the little button, circling it
until Amanda's breathing started to become more rapid.

Watching the 12 year old being masturbated like this was too much for
Jane to stand. Pulling up her uniform skirt she exposed her own cunt.
It was as hairless as Amanda's, shaved smooth. She pushed a couple of
fingers deep into her sopping pussy, fucking herself slowly as she
watched the two girls. Charlotte was intent on frigging the 12 year
olds clit. Amanda was humping her pussy forward to meet the finger.

'AHHH! Do it faster! Oh I feel so funny in my cunny. Rub it for me
Charlotte, faster, faster. OHHHHH! It's nice. Ohh, ohh Charlotte! AHH!
What's happening AHHH lovely!'

Lust mixed with satisfaction as nurse Harris watched the 12 year old
reach her first orgasm at the end of Charlottes finger. Her own fingers
fucked deep and slow within her juicy pussy. The sight and sound of
that first virgin climax was a huge turn on. She sat opposite the two
girls as Amanda slowly recovered from her come. She saw Charlotte
looking at her and smiled.

'That was very good darling. I can see you must have done that to
yourself before. It made Amanda feel so good. Does it make you feel
good when you touch yourself?'

'I've done it a few times. It makes me wetter and sexier when I do it.
You do it too! I can see your cunny Miss Harris. Your fingers are right
inside. Do you feel sexy too?'

'Oh yes Charlotte. I feel very sexy. I always feel sexy when I see such
pretty little girls.'

'Do you think we're pretty?' Amanda was recovered now and watched
wide-eyed as Jane finger fucked herself.

'You are both pretty, sexy little girls. I love your little cunnies .
I'd really like to see your titties Charlotte. Why don't you show me?
Help her to take her bra off Amanda. I'm sure you'd like to see them

Amanda helped the other girl off with her bra and skirt. Charlottes
naked tits jutted out, perfect little cones tipped with erect, deep
pink nipples. Amanda touched her new friend's breasts softly.

'I hope I have titties like yours when I'm older. They're ever so

'You are both very pretty little girls. You make me feel very sexy.
Would you like to see my cunny properly? And my titties?'

'Oh yes!' Chorused the girls.

Jane unfastened the zip at the back of her nurses uniform. Standing up,
she allowed it to slip to the floor revealing her suspender belt and
stockings. Her large breast hung free, dark brown nipples stiff.

'Do I look pretty too then my darlings? Do I make you feel sexy?'
Crossing to the sofa she squeezed between the two little girls and
spread her legs wide.

Her shaven cunt pouted open, glistening with moisture. The feel of the
soft young bodies pressing against hers brought a fresh flood of liquid
from her sex.

''I have much bigger titties than either of you. Do you like them?
Would you like to give them a kiss for me?'

Jane placed a hand behind each of their heads pressing them down, one
to each aching tit. The girls instinctively opened their mouths, each
taking a thick brown nipple between their lips. They began to suck
hungrily as Jane's hands ran over their tender bodies. She cupped
Charlotte's hard little tits and pinched Amanda's stiff nipples between
her fingers. Both girls sucked harder now. Their tongues worked busily
over the rigid teats. The nurse's hands continued to explore the
childish figures, sliding over velvety skin until she came to the two
pussies. She parted Charlotte's sparse curls and pushed her finger into
the tight opening. It penetrated perhaps an inch. The girl moaned,
sending exciting shivers through the tit in her mouth. Amanda's
hairless cunt was exquisite to the touch. There was no way that Jane
could slip her finger inside, but the tightly folded lips were soaked
with juice after her first come. The sensation of that baby soft slit
beneath her hand was too much. She pulled her tits free of the sucking
mouths and sat up, still stroking their young cunnies.

'That was lovely girls. I feel ever so sexy now. My cunny is really
wet. Would you like to play a naughty little game with me?'

'Yes!' cried Charlotte. 'Show us something really rude.'

'Ill do a nice sexy thing to Amanda. You have to watch me Charlotte and
then try and do what I do.'

'Is there a prize for the winner?'

Oh yes darling. Someone will get a very special prize tonight' Jane
chuckled to herself and slipped from the couch to kneel in front of
Amanda. 'You watch me now Charlotte. Here, get down beside me.'

The nurse lay her hands gently on Amanda's slender thighs and spread
them as widely as she could. The tightly folded lips opened a touch as
she did so, allowing her a first glimpse of pink within. The tiny
opening shone with lubrication.

'Watch closely now Charlotte. You have to do what I do in a minute.'

The nurse bent her head forward and ran her tongue slowly along the
full length of Amanda's tiny naked slit. The skin was soft and
fragrant, the taste of the virgin cunt was like nectar on her tongue.

'OH! Miss Harris! You're licking her cunny. Does it taste nice? Will
she like it?'

'It tastes beautiful darling. And you can see how much she likes it.'

Amanda moaned as the nurse licked deeper, pushing the tip of her tongue
into the tight opening. The girl humped herself forward to get more of
this new sensation.

'Ahhh Miss. It's niiiicccce!'

Jane could tell this wasn't going to take long. The girl was still
aroused from the fingering that Charlotte had given her. Raising her
face for a moment, Jane turned to look at Charlotte.

'Watch now. I'm going to make her feel really, really sexy, just like
you did. I'm going to make her come.'

Bending to her task again she took the child's tiny erect clit between
her lips and ran her tongue rapidly over the head. Within seconds,
Amanda's second orgasm had her moaning and writhing. The nurse
transferred her mouth back to the pouting lips, lapping at the juices
that now fairly dripped from between Amanda's legs. She let the girl
rest then, sitting up and smiling at Charlotte.

'That was so sexy Miss. What does her cunny taste like?'

'Lovely darling. Let me give you a taste. Come and give me a kiss,
here, on the lips.'

Charlotte leaned close and made to give the nurse a peck on the lips.
Jane took hold of the girl's face and pressed her mouth hard to
Charlotte's. Her tongue pushed out and, after a moments resistance, she
slipped it into the soft sweet mouth of the 13 year old. She probed
within for a moment, letting the girl share the taste of Amanda's
virgin cunt., before withdrawing.

'There, that was nice wasn't it? Could you taste her?'

'Mmmm. It was a nice taste. You put your tongue in my mouth like you
put it in her cunny.'

'Can you use your tongue like that then Charlotte. Did you watch what I
did. It's your turn to do it now. Will you try?'

'I think I could. I don't know if I will be able to do it properly

'I'm sure you can. Now come and show me what you learned. Come here and
you can do it to me.' Jane pulled Charlotte to her feet and led her
over to the bed. She lay down, her feet resting on the floor. Her legs
were spread wide giving Charlotte a perfect view of her crimson slit
exposed and available at the edge of the bed.

'Now get down here between my legs, little girl. Now just do what I
showed you. Kiss my cunny . Suck me and make me come.'

Charlotte, her will submerged by the drugs Jane had injected, did as
she was told. She placed her mouth on the wet slit before her and
pushed her tongue between the long pendant lips. The soft little tongue
slid in easily, it's full length disappearing into Jane's pussy. The
nurse let out a deep groan.

'Ahhhhhh! Oh yes, that's good darling. What a sexy little girl you are.
Now I want you to kiss my clit. Gooooooood, suck it into your mouth.'

The woman turned her head and looked across at the sofa. Amanda was
open-mouthed as she watched the scene before her. Putting her hands on
Charlotte's head, Jane pressed the girl's face hard into her pussy.

'Come here little Amanda. Come and be a good slut for me.'

The 12 year old jumped up from the sofa and ran over to the bed.

'What's a slut Miss? What shall I do. Oh let me play too. Please.'

'A slut is a beautiful dirty little girl, who does things when her
mistress tells her to. Get behind Charlotte now and touch her cunny.
Rub it with your finger like she did for you.'

'Am I a slut then Miss?'

'O yes darling. You are both my pretty sluts now.'

The child smiled at her and then moved quickly to kneel behind the
older girl. She laid her hand over Charlotte's pussy and started to rub
gently. Her fingers soon found the jutting clit and began to rub
rapidly. Jane knew at once that the younger girl was doing it well.
Charlotte began to moan deep into the gaping pussy as Jane ground
against her face. As the girl came her cries were all but stifled by
the wet flesh that covered her mouth. This in turn took Jane over the
edge. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body, centering
on her clit and the soft young mouth that caressed it. Slowly
Charlotte's climax subsided and Jane allowed her to withdraw her face.
The nurse had had a wonderful orgasm courtesy of the schoolgirl's
little tongue, but that was only the start of her plans for the girls.

'Mmmmmmm. What good girls you are. Such pretty sexy little girls. Do
you like being my pet sluts?'

The two girls sat now at Jane's feet, stroking each others bodies

'Oh yes Miss Harris. Thank you so much.' Charlotte purred and ran her
fingers through Amanda's dark hair.

'That was so naughty. I really liked touching Charlotte's pretty
cunny.' Amanda touched the older girl between the legs again, then
brought her finger up to her lips for a moment. 'I'd love to taste it
properly though. The wet creamy stuff tastes nice.'

'There are lots of new things for you to learn yet darlings. But rest
for a moment. Here, lie down for a while.'

Both the girls lay on the nurses bed, one on either side of her, a soft
mouth on each of her nipples. Moments later they both slept. Jane got
up and dressed them both. When they awoke it would be as if from a
sweet dream. That was how Jane liked it. After all the school nurse
could call them to her office when ever she needed to. And she had much
, much more planned for these two in the weeks to come.

And if you dear reader would like to know what else she has in mind
then let me know at the usual address. And if you have any suggestions
for future developments then I'd love to hear them too.

This is of course all just a fantasy, a product of my slightly fevered
imagination. I wouldn't condone any such behavior.

2006-05-08 12:43:05 UTC