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toddler stories...
2005-11-27 18:38:37 UTC
Hey folks,

Here's hoping that Nicki and H. Grant aren't the only ones posting
toddler stories. They are great! If anyone would like to write a
brand new story (an original), I'm sure it will be quite special.
These types of stories are very hard to come by, and it seems there are
hardly any new ones being made anymore.

Can somebody please write a new one - or point in a direction besides
Mr. Double or ASSTR / ASSM?

Also, just wondering if we are the only toddler story fans out there.
Maybe that's why they're not being published. Stories are harmless

Just random thoughts.

charlie the drifter
2005-11-28 04:12:55 UTC
Well hoping you enjoy the one I just posted, "Oh So Young
Charlie "the drifter"