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The English Teacher
charlie the drifter
2006-02-18 23:18:25 UTC
The English Teacher
by: Charlie "the drifter"

Charlie, again was in trouble at school. Once again he had to
stay late for a couple of hours. The only thing that he was
glad of was the fact that he had to do some work for his
English teacher. He did not mind working with her.

Charlie at thirteen was just like any other thirteen year old.
He was always horny and always looking for some girl to
stick his dick into. At his age, he didn't care if they were
6 or what most kids considered old, like about 35 or 40.

The last girl he had fucked had been 12 and just a grade
below him. To him she had been great, hot, wet and tight.
She had even give him a blow job. Which he love the sight
and the feeling of his cock in her mouth.

That had happened right here at school, in the furnace room.
The janitor always let them go into the furnace room to smoke
even though he knew the kids were not supposed to smoke.

Back in those days, the schools did not have Electrical heat
and the like, we use good old heating oil. The janitor had
also showed them how to lock the door so the teachers could
not walk in on them. That had been where Charlie had take the
twelve year old girl to enjoy. And enjoy her he did.

Well this was different. The English teacher, Miss Koch, was
26 years old, about 5 ft 2, eyes of blue, brown hair, slender
with about 34 B breasts.

Charlie could just imagine fondling and sucking on her tits and
nipples. He had fantasized about her many times at night as
he took care of his hornyness himself.

Well this particular time of having to spend, what they now
call detention, was one he would never forget. After helping
her clean the blackboards and sweeping and cleaning her
class rooms for her, and having missed the school bus, she
offered to take him home.

Charlie had, had to stay after school several times to help her
and it seemed to him that she really like him. Now, in the small
town where Charlie lived and went to school, it was all farming
and lumber. There were not many single men Miss Koch's age.
She lived by herself, being new to the valley and did not know
many people. Also in that particular valley if you were not
related to someone then you were an outsider. They did not
like outsiders.

That valley was one of those that everyone was related. If they
fucked someone other than their wife, who was generally related
to them one way or another, they were fucking an aunt, sister,
cousin or some relative. So Miss Koch was quite lonely. She
seemed to like having Charlie around so she had someone to
talk to and seemed to like to actually touch him in someway.
Well, this particular time, it was later than usual when they
finished and she said she would give him a ride home. The
dress or skirt she was wearing was short even back then,
when girls ware their skirts at least down to mid calf. Her
skirt was just about knee length. Boy did that turn Charlie

It was dark when they started out from school. It was about
five miles to where Charlie lived on country gravel roads.
Charlies parents were not worried about him because he had
called them and let them know where he was at and what he
was doing. They didn't like him getting into trouble but they
were not worried about him. Of course back in those days
in the country there was no real danger of someone, even
a girl out late at night by herself.

As Miss Koch drove, she also started talking about how
lonesome she was and how there was no one that would
even hardly talk to her. She started telling him how while
she had been going to college she had not dated much
and had not been with a man for a long time. She even
commented about how she got to wanting to be held and
made love to. Naturally with talk like that, Charlie's cock
began to rise.

Charlie was shock when, Miss Koch, suddenly turned
off the main gravel road and drove to a clump of trees and
into them. In the dark no one could even see her car. When
she stopped, she turned to Charlie and in almost a whisper
ask him if they could just sit and talk for awhile. Naturally
Charlie was all for it.

Charlie let Miss Koch do the talking. She seem not to be
able to quit. As she talked, she slowly reached over and
grasp his hand in hers. She would squeeze it, and caress
it as she told Charlie about her first boy friend and how he
had talked her into letting him make love to her and take
her cherry. As she talked she slowly slid over toward him
until she was sitting right next to him.

She sat right close to him, putting his hand on her thigh
about midway between her knee and her, you know what.
Her skirt was pulled up and his hand was partially on the
skirt and partially on her bare leg. Charlie didn't think his
cock could get any harder, but he was afraid to move or
do anything because he was afraid she would quit.

After several minutes of squeezing, caressing and pressing
his hand on her thigh. Miss Koch, looked at him and as
if making a decision, ask,

"Charlie will you do something for me?"

"Sure" Charlie told her.
"Charlie, you know you cannot tell anyone what I am going
to ask of you. They would fire me and I do need this job. But
I am so lonesome." she slowly told him.

"Ok, Miss Koch, I won't tell anyone." Charlie told her, his
beating so fast he thought it was going to explode.

"Charlie, please call me Mary, when we are alone like this. But
what I am going to ask you to do, I don't know if you will want too.
If not I will take you home right now.

"That's ok," he said, then hesitantly add, "Mary"

"Charlie, I am so lonesome and it has been so long since anyone
has held me and kissed me, will you?" She ask. Then sat with
her eyes down as if ashamed she had ask it of him.

Charlie didn't say anything, he just reached up and put his arm
around her and she melted against him. She Scooted over next
to him and pressed her body against him as hard as she could.
Turning her face to his, she leaned toward him and softly kissed
him on the lips.

She sighed a deep sigh as he pulled her tight against him and
returned her kiss. The kiss soon turned more passionate as her
tongue slipped between his lips to find his. Charlie a quick
learner returned the action and they were soon caressing and
sucking lightly on each others tongues, as she slowly began
to rub her passionate body against him.

She held him with one arm as she grasp his hand with her other
hand and slowly lifted it and placed it on her breast then squeezed
his hand, making it squeeze her firm breast. Charlie was smart
enough to know then, just what his English teacher wanted, and
he was quick to oblige her.

She never let up on her kiss, holding it for several more minutes as
he squeezed, fondled, and pinched one breast then the other.
Finally he decided to see just how far she would go and began
unbuttoning her blouse. She did not stop him, letting him unbutton
it completely to expose her bra covered breasts. Slipping his had
under her bra he cupped her bare firm breast in his hand.

"Oh god, their so firm and hot," he said to himself. As he fondled
her breast, he heard her moaning softly, deep in her throat. Her
kisses got even more passionate if that was possible.

Charlie slowly slipped her bra strap off her shoulder and pulled it
down until her breast and nipple was completely bare and exposed
to his eyes. Her nipple was hard to his touch and her moans became
even stronger.

He finally broke the kiss and kissed his way down to her firm breast,
licking her nipple then sucking it into his mouth. She grabbed his
head and pulled it tight against her breast as if trying to get her
entire breast into his mouth.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, suck it, bite it, squeeze it. Oh got it
so good. Oh yes, yes, suck it" she almost cried out.

As he continued sucking her firm nipple he slowly bared her other
breast and began moving from one hard nipple to the other back
and forth. At the same time, he place his hand on her thigh, this
time on her bare leg and began caressing it high and high. She
made no attempt to stop him, letting him slip his hand further
and further up her thigh under her skirt, until his hand was pressing
against her sopping wet panties covering her throbbing pussy.

She almost cum when his hand first touched her wet panty covered
pussy. It had been so long since someone had touched her there.
She was craving for it, she was crying for it. She slipped her hand
down onto Charlies thigh and began caressing it, moving her hand
higher and higher until she was rubbing her hand across his hard
cock. He almost shot his wad when she squeezed it.

She gasp and spread her legs wide, when Charlie slipped his fingers
under the elastic back of her panty leg and slipped it between her
swollen begging pussy lips. She raised her hips trying to get him
to slip his fingers into her hot wet pussy entrance.

Charlie rubbed his finger up and down her slit between her sensitive
begging pussy lips slipping it down to her tight entrance. Slowly
as if to torture her, he slipped first one then two fingers into her
tight entrance. Even at thirteen, Charlie could tell that she had not
been fucked for some time, as tight as she was and the way she was
trying to get his finger deep into her.

Even though she was begging to be fucked, she suddenly stopped
him. He was surprised and frightened that he had done something
wrong and she was stopping him.

Wait, she whispered. Lets get out of the car. Charlie opened the
door and slipped out. Miss Koch reached into the back seat and grabbed
a blanket that was on the back seat. Getting out of the car she
spread the blanket out.

It being summer, it was warm out so there was no problem being
out in the open. The sky was clear, it was almost a full moon and the
stars were shinning.

Standing in front of Charlie, who was about four inches taller than
she was, she slowly slipped her blouse off, the slipped her bra off,
leaving herself standing with him watching, naked from the wait up.

Charlie did not move as she then reached down and unbuttoned her
skirt and let it fall to the ground. He watched, mesmerized as
she slowly slipped her panties down and off her hips, then
letting them fall to the ground as she stood naked in front
of him. He couldn't take his eyes of her naked breasts and
body. Her lightly hair covered pubic area drew his attention
as she reach out and began to unbutton his shirt. He stood
immobile as she unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off
dropping it to the ground along with her clothes.

She did not speak as she smiled and unbuckled his belt, then
unbuttoned his pants and slid them down from around his
waist then let them drop to the ground. She then gripped
his shorts on each side as she slowly pulled then down,
she also went to her knees in front of him. She stared at
his hard cock that she revealed when she slipped his shorts
down, dropping them. As he stepped ot of his jeans and
shorts, she reach up and grasp his hard cock in her hand.

Charlie gasp as his English teacher slowly slipped her hand
up and down his cock, as she stared at it as if memorizing
every thing about it. She was breathing hard and fast as
if she had run for a distance, her breath coming in short
gasps. Charlie watched wide eyed as his English teacher
slowly pulled the skin back from around his cock head.

Charlie being uncircumcised, the head of his cock was extremely
sensitive to the touch. He couldn't believe it when she leaned
forward and kissed the head of his cock several times as if
she was making love to it. He almost jumped when her tongue
flicked out and licked across the head of his cock, then around
it licking it clean of his precum. As she licked his cock head
he could also hear her mewing like a kitten, that was purring
with pleasure.

He couldn't believe it when she suddenly enveloped his
hard cock with her pouty lips. Lips made for kissing. She
let him stand there naked as she worked his cock in and
out, slipping more and more of it in until it was pressing
against the back of her throat, She didn't stop there, she
put enough pressure against his cock that it slipped down
into her throat. He couldn't believe it when he saw his
cock slowly enter her mouth until all 6 to 6 ½ inches was
down her throat and her lips were pressing against his
pubic bone. She did not see to have any problem fucking
his entire cock down her throat. In and out she sucked his
cock as he finally moved and reached down grasping her
naked tits in his hands.

They were so firm, so soft, so sexy. After several minutes of
sucking his cock, she slipped it out of her mouth and lay
down on the blanket. She spread her legs wide, and even
in the pale moonlight he could see her puffy pussy lips and
could tell by their glistening knew she was extremely wet.

Fuck me, fuck me, please Charlie, please fuck me. Oh god it
has been so long.

She reached up taking his hand and pulled him down on the
blanket with her. Wrapping her arms around him, she pulled
him tight against her as she murmured "oh god it has been so
long since I felt anyone naked against me. Oh god Charlie
touch me, fondle me, play with me, oh god I need you, I need
your cock in me, please, please fuck me, please put your cock
in me and fuck me.

Charlie not believing the way his English teacher was acting
and talking was not going to argue with her, not when she
was laying there with her legs spread wide begging him to
shove his cock into her and fuck her. She didn't even seemed
to be worried about him fucking her without some protection.
She actually seemed to want his bare cock in her.

When she grasp his cock and guided it to her tight wet pussy
hole, she held the head right against her entrance. Charlie
feeling her hole against his cock head, lunged forward and
plunged his entire cock into her. When his cock plunged
in stretching her long unused cunt tunnel she screamed
with pain and pleasure. She had not expected such an
entry or the pain to her long unused pussy. The feeling of
his cock plunging into her tight unused pussy was just what
she had been craving. The feeling of being wanted, the feeling
being used and abused.

Being young and inexperienced about sex with a grown woman,
Charlie did not hesitate, all he could think of was driving his
cock in and out of his English teacher. The feeling of her tight
pussy, pulsating around his driving cock was driving him over
the each. He tried to hold of cumming to soon, but her adult
vaginal muscles milking his cock in a way he had never
experienced before and her body, slowing but with driving
force lunging back at his own plunging cock was just to much
for his young mind and body.

Charlie drove his cock into his teacher as hard as he could
and with his cock head pushing hard against her cervix, his
sperm spurted out with a force that even Miss Koch could
feel it as it peppered her vaginal walls and cervix. It seemed
to Charlie that he would never stop cumming.

The English teacher, was herself, being so long with out
any sexual outlet, already close to an orgasm when he
drove his hard cock on her, was unable to forstall her own
orgasm. The stinging warm hot feeling of her students
sperm coating her pussy walls and cervix drove her over
the edge.

She cried out with pleasure so great it was almost painful.
Her body fucked her spasming pussy up at his cock so
hard, he was almost thrown out of and off her, each time
she drove herself back at his cock.

Slowly their mutual orgasms faded as they lay, with Charlie
on her, his cock held as deep in her as he could keep it. She
kept her legs wrapped around his waist trying to make sure
he did not pull his cock out of her tight throbbing cunt. She
wanted him to continue his message of her still pulsating
tunnel. Even though she had just had an orgasm, it was just
the tip of the iceberg of her sexual craving.

With his cock buried in her tight throbbing cunt, Charlie's
cock was still half hard. When his teachers pussy muscles
slowly began to milk his cock and at the same time, her
tunnel began to message it as she fucked herself up and down
and her buttocks began a movement in a circular motion.

Charlie's cock immediately returned to its former hardness
and began it's relentless drive in and out. Charlie
fondled, squeezed, pinched, kissed, licked and sucked
her firm petit tits, biting her nipples and sucking as much
of them into his mouth as he could get and biting down
until she would grown or cry out with the pain.

Charlie, being young was able to now, after his first cum,
able to last a long time. He could not get over how good
it felt, how she was doing things to his cock with her body
and pussy that he had never had done by the young
pussies he had previously had his cock in.

Charlie managed to fuck his teacher through four orgasms
for her before he once again filled her wanton pussy with
his hot sperm. They lay quietly for a long time, just holding
kissing touching with Charlie enjoying his teachers firm
tits and nipples, and her hand messaging his almost flaccid

Finally she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.
Her tongue and her sucking mouth soon had his cock hard
and deep in her throat once again. She pulled his cock out
of her mouth, quickly straddle him and dropped herself
on his cock, driving it into herself as hard as she could.
Each time she dropped herself on his young cock she would
cry out with the pain of it ramming against her cervix.

One last time, one last orgasm swept her body as she
dropped herself on his cock as hard as she could loving
the combined feeling of pleasure and pain, and one last
load of his sperm spraying her cunt walls. As a last
gesture of the night, she pulled herself off of his cock,
leaned down and cleaned the combined moisture of her
vaginal fluids and his sperm from it.

For the time being Miss Koch felt her sexual urges satisfied
for the first time in a long time. Even though she knew that
if they ever got caught or anyone found out she would
be in a lot of trouble but she wanted this young student of
her s to fuck her again and again and again.

For the next three months, every chance she could get she
would meet Charlie and always wound up with his young
always reading cock in her mouth and pussy and her womb
full of his young fresh sperm.

One big problem developed. After the first few times of having
the young students sperm coating her vaginal walls and filling
her womb, she found out just how fertile his sperm was.
She had fucked him almost every other night or even more
during the first week and a half after he first fucked her. Her
next period was late. Not only was it late, it did not come.
She found she was pregnant. She knew who by because she
had not fucked anyone else.

Mary Koch, English teacher in her first year of teaching, had
become involved with one of her students, almost fucked him
to death and was now pregnant by him. She decided she
would not tell him. She would not tell anyone. The end
of the school year was near and she had not signed a new
contract yet, so she knew that with being pregnant, she would
have to leave.

By the end of the school year, she knew she was beginning
to show, altho most people just thought she was putting on
weight. They knew she never dated anyone.

Charlie fucked his English teacher right up to the last day of
school. He was wondering if he would be able to during the
summer. He was hooked on her and her fucking and sucking.

He now knew the difference in making love to and fucking
an adult woman and a young girl. Oh he still loved to fuck
the young girls but the time he spent with his teacher enjoying
her entire body, mouth and pussy was beyond all pleasures
he had ever imagined.

On the last day of school, Charlie met Miss Koch after school
let out. One last time she drove them to their spot in the trees.
One last time she spread the blanket out, the one last time stripped
while he watched, then striped him. One last time she knelt in
front of him and slowly cleaned his precum from his hard cock
head. One last time, she plunged his entire cock down her throat,
messaging his cock shaft with her throat muscles.

One last time she lay down and pulled him between her wide
spread legs, grasp his cock and guided it to her throbbing, wet
hot entrance. Finally one last time she wrapped her legs around
her young students waist and pulled his body to her plunging
his cock deep into her wanton cunt. One last time she fucked
him like it would be their last, which unknown to Charlie would
actually be. She fucked him slowly, and in every position that
she had taught him. Finally as if a going away gift, she for the
first time, let him plunge his cock into her anal entrance deep into
her bowels, giving him her virginal ass. She had never let anyone
fuck her there before.

Mary also told him, while they lay under the open sky that she
would be leaving in the next couple of days. She told him that she
had not renewed her teaching contract with the school.

Charlie was upset, he had been hoping she would be there all
summer so they could meet and he could fuck her. But he also
realized what she was saying. After all she was an adult and he
was also still just a young teen.

They kissed and hugged, then they both got dressed. She took
him home and also said goodby to his parents. As his English
teacher drove away, Charlie began wondering and hoping that
the school would hire another young, just beginning to teach ,
woman as Miss Koch's replacement.

Watching her drive away, he felt a sadness, then turned to his
eight year old sister who was standing beside him watching his
English teacher drive away for the last time, said.

"Come on sis, lets go out to our hiding place and we can have
some fun again.

Candy, his eight year old sister, grinned at him, and said ok, as
she thought about how much fun it was going to be to suck her
brothers cock and have him put it in her pussy. He hadn't let
her suck and fuck him for a couple of days now and she wanted
to feel it filling her tight little cunt again. She loved it when he
would cum in her and she would feel how warm his sperm felt
inside her.

As the now pregnant, by her young student, Mary Koch drove
away from her young lover, she wondered what it was going to
be like to be a mother. She knew she was going to miss Charlie's
always ready to fuck her cock plunging into her tight cunt, but
she knew she could not stay around this small town, being
unmarried and pregnant. Pregnant by one of her young students.

Then she began wondering if she would find another young
student that could take care of her sexual needs, like Charlie had
done most of the school year, at her next teaching job, after she
had Charlie's baby. It was exciting to her knowing that she was
going to have one of her thirteen year old students baby. What
others did not realize was that Mary Koch, young English teacher
loved the young boys she taught more than just English to.

Charlie "the drifter"
2006-02-19 09:37:05 UTC
Post by charlie the drifter
The English Teacher
by: Charlie "the drifter"
Charlie, again was in trouble at school. Once again he had to
stay late for a couple of hours. The only thing that he was
glad of was the fact that he <snip>
charlies mother caught him jacking off his dog when he was a kid and
bashed his head with a baseball bat.
He hasn't been right since.
Now he sits at home babbling to himself while he writes stories for
sexual deviates
2006-02-19 17:09:35 UTC
Post by charlie the drifter
The English Teacher
by: Charlie "the drifter"
Charlie, again was in trouble at school. Once again he had to
stay late for a couple of hours. The only thing that he was
glad of was the fact that he

charlies mother caught him jacking off his dog when he was a kid and
bashed his head with a baseball bat.
He hasn't been right since.
Now he sits at home babbling to himself while he writes stories for
pedophiles and assorted sexual deviates