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STORY: The Babysitter (M,f,lolita,pedo)
2006-05-08 12:32:45 UTC
The Babysitter

By Danyealle (M/f, Lolita)

Sitting at the dinner table, she swung her feet impatiently, waiting
for Mom and Dad to finish up talking to each other, and to tell her
just WHO was going to babysit her that night. They were going out and
weren't going to be home until 5 or 6 in the morning, so they had to
have someone over with her. They didn't like leaving her alone that
late at night and, to be honest, she didn't like being all alone in
this big old creepy house that late at night, either. Since she
couldn't find a friend to stay with her, she needed a sitter. Her
normal ones were busy that night so Daddy found someone different.

She played with her food impatiently waiting for them to tell her WHO
was coming over. Her dad finally looked over at her and noticed how
impatient she was getting. He smiled and reached over and ruffled her

"Sorry Hon, I guess we got too involved in our conversation and forgot.
You remember my old friend Duncan?"

She looked at him and nodded.

"He moved back a while ago and we ran into him a few weeks ago. He is
going to come over and stay with you tonight. That's okay, isn't it?"

She remembered Duncan all right. She had always had the HUGEST crush on
him. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and the English accent he had,
always drove her nuts. She hadn't seen him since she was really,
really, little; she was maybe 9 or 10.

She grinned to herself; he was in for one helluva shock, that was for
sure. In the last few years, she had really filled out and developed.
Besides, she REALLY liked guys his age; that is all she would date, not
the high school boys her age.

She smiled at her dad, "Sure that's alright."

"There are a ton of movies in the living room for you two to watch. He
is going to sleep in the guest room tonight, so he will be right next
door to you."

"I can watch anything I want right?" She looked at him with arched

He laughed, "You know you can Hon, there isn't anything in this house
you can't read, look at, or watch."

"Make sure you tell him that, all right?"

After supper, she went and fiddled around in her room until it was time
for him to get there. When she heard the doorbell ring, she flew out
her bedroom door and dashed down the stairs, yelling, "I'll get it!"

She opened the door to see Duncan standing there. He was more handsome
than she remembered him. He was so tall too! She remembered him being
tall but thought that was because she was so short at the time.

He looked down at her and smiled, not believing his eyes. Last time he
saw her she was a little itty, bitty thing with pigtails and scabs on
her knees. The girl that stood in front of him was fully developed and
extremely beautiful.

"Hi Dani," he said, and then, after a pause, added, "Boy you sure have

She giggled, noticing the way his eyes crawled up and down her body.
"You're just how I remember you, Uncle Duncan."

He laughed, "No one has called me that in forever." He stepped inside
and looked around. "Where are your mom and dad?"

She snorted and giggled, "Still getting ready I think. Come on into the
living room and sit down."

He dropped his duffel bag onto a chair by the door and followed her
into the living room, watching the sensual sway of her ass.

She sat down on the arm of the sofa and he sat down the on the sofa
itself. He smiled at her. "So, Miss Skinny," That was his old nickname
for her. "What are we going to do tonight?"

"Well, we have a ton of movies. I figured we could watch some of those,
or play video games."

"Movies sound good to me."

Her father came into the room and. Duncan stood up. They shook hands
and Duncan commented, "All ready to go Andy?"

Her dad laughed, "Just waiting on Ellen to finish up in the bathroom is
all. By the way; there are plenty of things to munch on in the 'fridge
and we have a ton of movies to watch. Dani can watch anything she
wants, I don't care. She doesn't have a bedtime so she can stay up as
late as she wants. You'll probably fall asleep before she does. Most of
the time she is still awake when we get home. She does have to have her
pajamas on by 10 o'clock though. None of her friends can come over, but
I don't think that is going to be a problem since I do believe they are
all gone for the night anyway. No boys over. Also she can only be on
the phone for 10 minutes at a time." He reached over and rubbed her
head, "That doesn't mean to hang up and call them right back and stay
on the phone another 10 minutes, Danielle."

She giggled a little.

"Also she is NOT allowed to get online. She can play on the computer
all she wants but is not allowed to sign on."

Dani was standing behind him and making monkey faces as he talked. He
turned around, catching her and ruffled her hair, making her giggle.

"And if she wants to listen to her stereo she has to do it with
headphones on. If she wants something to eat, you have to cook it for
her. She isn't allowed to use the stove or microwave except to make
popcorn. She can have as much pop as she wants. And by the way, I
really appreciate this, Duncan."

Duncan smiled at him, "Not a problem. We're going to have fun. There
aren't any movies she can't watch?"

"Nawwww, there isn't anything in here she hasn't seen before. She also
has to stay out of our bedroom. These aren't rules that she doesn't
know, so she is familiar with them all."

"When do you think you're going to be getting home?"

He laughed, "The sun will probably be up by then."

"Why don't you just get yourself a hotel room and make a night of it. I
can get up and get her breakfast and all that in the morning."

Her dad smiled, "To be honest, we were thinking about that. But that is
an awful lot to ask. You sure you wouldn't mind?"

Duncan laughed, "Nah, I don't mind at all. Besides, my sleep won't be
interrupted that way. I can just take her to the studio with me in the
morning and you can pick her up from there if you like. She doesn't
have anything to do, or anywhere to go in the morning, does she?"

"We can pick her up no problem. Just leave a note as to where you are
going. No she doesn't, she doesn't have anything to do tomorrow. Ellen
and I haven't had a whole night out together in forever it will be a
nice change." He walked back into the bedroom to get a bag packed and
to tell his wife.

Dani sat down in front of the movie cabinet and started trying to find
something to watch, while her mom and dad ran around doing their last
preparations to go. She always laughed at them, telling them they
looked like maniacs rushing around like that.

At last, they both kissed her and left.

She continued to dig through the movies while Duncan got up and went to
the bathroom. She watched his butt as he walked by her. Finally, she
found the movie 9½ Weeks. She grinned, wickedly and stuck it in the
VCR as he came back into the room and sat on the sofa. She crawled up
on his lap and snuggled up. He ruffled her hair, remembering how she
used to sit on his lap and fall asleep when she was little. "So, what
are we watching?"

She giggled a little, "It's a surprise, wait and see."

"All right, I like surprises." He figured it was going to a kid's movie
or something like that.

She chuckled evilly and fast-forwarded through the previews. When the
movie itself started, she hit play and leaned back against his chest.

He was startled when he saw the title come up. "Dani? 9½ Weeks? Are
you SURE you mom and dad don't care if you watch this?"

She shrugged, "You heard dad. Besides, I've seen this movie a lot of
times and have read the book." She wiggled around on his lap trying to
find the most comfortable place. "I like this movie is all. Have you
seen it before?"

He looked down at her, wishing she would quit that wiggling, she was
starting to give him an erection and if she kept it up there would be
no way for him to hide it. With her sitting on his lap, she would
surely feel it as well.

"Yes I have. I went to the theater and saw it when it came out."

She leaned back and rested her head on his shoulder. He looked down her
chest noticing that her breasts were very well developed, a 36C he
guessed. He shut his eyes and leaned his head back; he needed her to be
away from him for a couple minutes so he could cool down a bit. He
glanced at the clock and grinned.

He reached down and patted her on the butt, "It's almost 10 o'clock,
you better go and get your PJ's on, Dani."

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and then was off his lap and
dashing up the stairs. He watched her ass sway as she hopped up the
stairs. When he heard her bedroom door close, he leaned his head back
and groaned loudly. He reached down and adjusted his hard-on to a more
comfortable place. He started thinking of something else and it started
to deflate, until he saw her walking back down the stairs.

She wore an old t-shirt, underwear, and nothing else. When she walked
by to the bathroom, he noticed that she was wearing a black thong and
had a FANTASTIC tan.

When she finished doing what she was doing, she came back over and
planted herself back on his lap, wiggling around some more to get
comfortable again. Suddenly, she then got off him again and headed to
the kitchen, turning back to him and asking, "I'm going to get a soda
want one?"

"Sure, a Pepsi if you have one."

He turned his head and watched her sway into the kitchen. She really
looked good. Her being off his lap gave him a chance to readjust
himself once again.

She came back into the living room, handing him his Pepsi, drinking a
Mountain Dew and plopped back onto his lap. She scooted all the way
back until she was flush against his chest, leaning her back against
him, her legs on either side of his, draped over the edge of the sofa.
She rested her head against his shoulder, drinking her soda, her eyes
glued to the TV screen.

He opened his soda and took a drink, trying to distract himself. 9½
Weeks was one of his all time favorite movies. It never failed to turn
him on. Watching it with her, someone he had known since she was a
toddler, was a little disconcerting. He had to admit she was one
helluva sexy young lady, the type of girl he loved to date and fuck.
However, she was one of his best friend's daughters. He did not want to
go there and ruin a friendship he had maintained for years. At least
she wasn't wiggling around anymore, that was good. She was just
watching the movie.

When the movie came to the famous refrigerator scene, she stared rapt
into the television. That scene, she thought, was one of the hottest
things ever filmed. She wiggled around a little on Duncan's lap,
feeling herself getting wet watching it. She knew what she was doing to
him, with all the wiggling and sitting on his lap. She could feel him
watching her as she went up and then came back down the stairs. She
knew he had been staring at her ass.

And picking this movie to watch had been a deliberate attempt to
cock-tease him, just to see what would happen if she did. She figured
he would react no different than most of Dads' friends did when she
started doing it to them; they would pretend to ignore what she was
doing, thinking it was their imagination or that they were reading more
into what was happening than what was really going on.

Duncan didn't know that she dated men his age. Her parents knew she
did, albeit they didn't always like it, yet they let her, knowing that
older men were to whom she was attracted. After a long discussion with
her as to WHY, they accepted it. She had explained that they treated
her better and were more interested in her than seeing if they could
get her into bed, like her high school friends wanted to do.

Out of deference to her mom and dad, she didn't date any of their
friends, but she LOVED to tease them, something she figured was totally
harmless; nothing everyone else didn't do.

She leaned over and placed her pop can on the end table by the sofa,
knowing her nightie was riding up, giving Duncan a really good view of
her ass, before quickly plopping back into her former position. She
wiggled around a little more, and then drew her legs up, propping her
feet on the edge of the sofa.

Duncan was paying more attention to Dani, and what she was doing,
rather than the movie. When her nightie moved up, he got a fantastic
view of her ass. It was firm and taut, a magnificent view for him. As
she drew her legs up, he looked up and down the smooth skin of her
inner thighs. He wanted to reach down and caress them, but thought
better of it.

Hell, he had known her for too long to even entertain the thoughts he
was having. He just figured she was being a typical teenager, not
knowing the effect she was having on him. He figured she was acting as
she always used to when she was little, when she was a permanent
fixture on his lap, always crawling up and sitting, and then demanding
a horsy ride from him on his knee. He mentally chastised himself for
being a dirty old man and thinking the things he was thinking.

When the movie ended, she got up and flopped down in front of the tape
cabinet once again. She looked back at him; "Anything in particular you
want to watch?"

He smiled at her, grateful for the break of having her off his lap. "It
doesn't matter to me, whatever you want Miss Skinny."

She turned back to the cabinet, grinning wickedly, digging around until
she found the movie Lolita. She stuck it in the VCR, and then went back
and planted herself right back where she was on his lap. She wiggled
around a little bit, once again supposedly to get comfortable.

He saw the title come up and groaned inwardly. He couldn't believe the
things she wanted to watch! It was as if she was tormenting him via the

She looked up at him and smiled, "I haven't seen this one yet. Is it
any good?"

He gulped and then smiled at her, "It was a pretty good movie. Are you
SURE you want to watch these kinds of movies with me? It isn't making
you uncomfortable? The subject matter of them, I mean."

She looked up at him with wide-eyed innocence, hoping to convey that it
was nothing other than wanting to see the movie. "What do you mean
Uncle Duncan? Is there some reason I shouldn't watch them with you?
They are just movies after all aren't they?"

He mentally kicked himself for thinking what he was thinking about her.
However, he still couldn't help but be turned on by the whole thing.
"No, no reason Dani. I was just making sure, is all."

She giggled a little at him, gave him a peck on the cheek, and then
turned her attention back to the movie, which she HAD seen - - MANY,
MANY times before. It was one of her favorites for some reason. She
wiggled around a bit more, and then leaned over and grabbed her soda,
swallowing the last of it. She got up, grabbing both her empty and his.

She looked at him, "I'm going to get another; you want one too?"

He smiled at her, "Sure Miss Skinny."

She walked towards the kitchen then turned back to him, catching him
staring at her. She pretended not to notice and just smiled at him.
"Want me to make some popcorn too?"

He grinned, "Now that does sound good. Want some help?"

She giggled a little bit, and then favored him with a bright smile.

She dashed into the kitchen, tossed the cans in the garbage, and then
crawled up onto the counter to get the popcorn off the top shelf.

He walked into the kitchen and saw her standing on the counter reaching
for the box, and froze and stared. He got one helluva view of her ass
and crotch; and was able to look up her shirt as she was standing
there. He groaned inwardly, she was gorgeous. Her teen body was just
about perfect everywhere. Her long, tanned legs seemed to go on forever
and the thong she was wearing did little to cover her pussy, he being
able to see the outline of it through the fabric.

She tossed the popcorn and the big popcorn bowl down onto the counter
and started to get down. Duncan walked over and put his hands on her
waist, lifting her off the counter and setting her on the floor.

He smiled down at her; "I didn't want you to fall."

She giggled a little then leaned up and gave him a soft kiss on the
cheek. "Thanks Uncle Duncan."

She then busied herself, putting the popcorn in the microwave and
getting the other stuff ready. More than once, she brushed up against
his front and could feel the massive erection that was growing there,
but she pretended not to notice.

When the popcorn finished popping, she dumped it in the bowl, and then
went to the 'fridge to grab two sodas. Duncan took those from her and
carried them into the living room. She grabbed some napkins and the
bowl and followed him. He opened both cans and sat down on the sofa.

Dani came in and sat back on his lap, her back flush with his chest,
her legs on either side of his. She sat the popcorn on his knees and
handed him a napkin. She smiled up at him. He reached down and ruffled
her hair, then took a handful of popcorn and shoved it in his mouth.
She tossed a couple of the kernels into the air and caught them in her
mouth. She continued to eat it like that, wiggling all over the place,
her eyes glued to the television set.

He groaned under his breath, the wiggling all over the place was giving
his erection new life. If she kept it up there was no way he was going
to be able to hide it from her; she was going to feel like she was
sitting on a gearshift.

He looked down at the teen. Her hair was draped over one of her
shoulders; it was long enough to entirely cover one of her breasts. Her
big expressive brown eyes were glued to the scene on the television
set. She was happily munching on a mouthful of popcorn. Her nightshirt
had risen up, totally exposing the tops of her firm tanned thighs. Her
legs were hanging over the edge of the sofa, swinging back and forth.
His body was reacting against his will.

He patted her on the butt, "Get up a sec Miss Skinny. I need to go the

She stood up and looked up at him; she smiled to herself. When he
walked off to the bathroom, Dani watched his ass. She then flopped back
down on the sofa and waited for him to come back, vaguely wondering how
he was going to pee with the hard-on that he had. She giggled softly at
the thought of that.

Duncan stood above the toilet bowl, cursing the hard-on he had and
willing it to go away so he could pee. He closed his eyes and
concentrated for a minute, thinking of things to make his swollen cock
go down enough so he could at least urinate. Finally, it went down
enough and relief came at last. As he was shaking it, he stroked it up
and down a couple times and it once again rose to the way it was.

He was concentrating so much he didn't notice the bathroom door opening
a crack and then Dani peering in at him; her mouth hanging open when
she saw just how BIG he was. He was bigger than any man she had ever
been with; he had at least 8 inches.

The young teen had had sex before - - several times. She enjoyed it a
lot. Older men knew exactly what they were doing and made it feel oh so
good. They put her in orbit and taught her things that she never
thought of or never thought she could enjoy, but did. Fascinated, she
watched Duncan as he stroked it up and down. She licked her lips, and
then dashed, quietly, back to the living room, where she flopped on the
sofa, on her stomach.

She crossed her ankles, bent her knees, and swung her legs back and
forth behind her, watching the TV.

That is what he saw when he came back into the living room. He groaned
inwardly, Dani really was a beautiful, sexual person that he did indeed
want to fuck. He walked over to the sofa and swatted her on the butt,
"Get up, Miss Skinny. I want to sit back down."

She giggled and sat up, letting him sit down next to her. She crawled
back onto his lap, but facing him this time, giggling. "Uncle Duncan,
give me a horsy ride like you used to."

She wiggled around and giggled, looking into his face.

He tickled her up and down her sides a little, eliciting more giggles
from her. "Aren't you a little old to want a horsy ride Miss Skinny?"
He didn't think giving her a ride on his knee was a really smart idea,
but having her sit on his crotch, directly on his cock was making him
insane. He was getting an erection that she HAD to notice because there
was no denying it. "As old as you are why would you want a horsy ride?"

She giggled and looked up at him. "'Cause, you used to give the bestest
horsy rides around." She giggled harder.

He threw his head back and laughed, "Okay Miss Skinny, one Uncle Duncan
horsy ride coming up."

The teenager arose. She turned around, waiting for him to cross his
legs, and then sat down on his knee, holding on tightly to his thigh,
and wrapping her legs around his calf for support. He then started
bouncing his leg up and down.

Dani giggled, looking up at him, but quickly realized that this wasn't
one of her better ideas, when she felt his kneecap rubbing right on her
clit. The movement was causing her to get REALLY wet, soaking her
panties wet!

In fact, it quickly got her to the point of cumming.

Duncan watched the teen as she bounced up and down on his knee, her
breasts bouncing up and down, and felt her legs gripping his tightly.
Then he started feeling something else; his knee was starting to get
hot and wet. He grinned inwardly; he was getting her all hot and
bothered by doing this! When Dani let out a small, involuntary moan, he
stopped his knee.

He smiled at her, "As good as you remember them, Miss Skinny?"

She looked at him and giggled a little more, and he could see that
there was something different in her eyes.

"It was different that I remembered."

She got up off his knee, turned around and sat back down on his lap.

He ran his hand down his leg to supposedly straighten his pants leg
back out. He felt there was indeed a big wet spot on his knee; the
horsy ride had gotten her very hot indeed. He must have hit it in just
the right spot to do that to her.

She wiggled around on his lap again but this time it was more to get
her panties out of her crotch than to get comfortable, although with
the erection he had, there was going to be no getting comfortable on
his lap. She grinned inwardly; it was like sitting on a steel pipe that
had been covered with some kind of fabric. There was no denying that he
was indeed turned on. She leaned her head back on his shoulder,
wrapping her legs around his calves.

Duncan wrapped his arms around her waist, and then kissed the top of
her head, his eyes glued to the television set. Dani was wiggling
around a bit and he knew it was to find a more comfortable place on his
lap; his cock was at full mast and he imagined that it wasn't very
comfortable to sit on. Her legs were spread, resting on the sofa beside
his. He could see her thighs were wet from her juices. He grinned a
little. That must have been one helluva horsy ride to get her that hot
and bothered.

That horsy ride had NOT been one of her smarter ideas, Dani told
herself. Now she was as hot and bothered as he was. She kissed him on
the cheek, and then hopped off his lap and turned to him, "Be right
back gotta go to the bathroom."

She dashed off and shut the door behind her. She was thankful for that
door. She dropped her panties and sat down. When she finished with her
business, she spread her legs far apart and took a large wad of toilet
paper trying to get rid of all the juices that had run down her thighs.
She didn't hear him get off the sofa and walk over to the bathroom

Duncan kneeled down and peered through the keyhole, watching the
beautiful teen. He was startled to see her pussy was completely bald.
When he saw her get up and tug her panties back into place he quietly
rushed back to the sofa, mentally chastising himself for wanting to see
the girl naked.

She came back into the living room and flopped down on the sofa. This
time she didn't sit back on in his lap, but plopped down by him on the
sofa instead, resting her head on his knee and stretching out as far as
the sofa would let her.

He smiled down at her, and then ruffled her hair. "Something wrong Miss

She smiled up at him; "Nope, just stretching out is all."

She wiggled around until she was in a more comfortable position, and
then settled in. Her nightie rode up until her whole hip was exposed.
His eyes crawled up and down her naked flesh, hoping she was involved
enough in the movie that she didn't see him ogling her. He wanted her;
that was that! There was no more denying it.

Dani flopped over onto her back, spreading her legs; her face still
turned towards the TV screen. Unconsciously, she reached down and
rubbed up and down the insides of her thighs.

Duncan was watching her intently, not believing his eyes. This girl was
so hot and desirable; he doubted she knew just how she looked to him.
Once again, his cock had risen to full mast; it was so hard, it
actually HURT. He wanted to fuck her - - BADLY!

He closed his eyes and groaned, not realizing that this time it was out
loud, and that she heard him.

She rolled her eyes up and looked at him, "Something wrong, Uncle

He looked down at her, "Nothing, other than the fact that you have been
teasing me." He hadn't meant to say that, it just slipped out. He
wanted to slap himself.

She sat up and looked at him, her eyes wide. "What do you mean, teasing

He looked over at her, "Just what I said, you have spent the night
seeing how much you could cock-tease me."

He realized by the look on her face that he was right; she HAD been
teasing him deliberately.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide; there was an innocent look on her
face. "I don't know what you are talking about Uncle Duncan."

He looked her directly in the eyes, "Don't try it Danielle. You know
EXACTLY what I am talking about. You have spent the night seeing how
much you can turn me on, haven't you?"

She scooted towards the other end of the sofa, away from him, mentally
kicking herself for playing this stupid game with him. "What makes you
say that? "

He turned sideways, facing her. "I know when I am being teased, young
lady. You forget I spend my days taking pictures of girls. They do this
in front of the camera all the time, so I know teasing when I see it.
But you are good at it. It took me a while to figure out that that is
what you were doing."

He scooted down the sofa towards her.

She backed up again, backing up until she felt the arm of the sofa in
her back. She gave him a wide-eyed innocent look.

He scooted closer to her, until he was sitting directly in front of
her, looking down. She looked up at him with big eyes. He smiled a
wicked smile at her; "I am not buying that look Danielle. You knew
exactly what you were doing."

He leaned forward, and grabbed the back of her head, and when she moved
toward him, instead of pulling away, he knew he was going to get his
wish. He kissed her passionately.

Dani melted into his lips, groaning softly, she felt herself go weak in
the knees and her insides turn to water and start to shiver all over,
but she quickly came to her senses and shoved him away, "What are you

He grinned down at her, "Nothing you don't want me to do, young lady."

She quickly bailed off the sofa and stood up. She looked down at him.
"I think I am going to go to bed now."

She turned on her heel and dashed up the stairs to her room, slamming
the door shut. She leaned against it for a couple minutes, trying to
get her breath back. Okay, so she had been caught, no big deal. And he
had kissed her; also no big deal. It wasn't as if she hadn't been
kissed before. However, no man had EVER made her weak in the knees with
one kiss as Duncan had just done. She closed her eyes and groaned
softly. That kiss had made her so wet, more so than she was to begin
with. She walked over and flopped onto her bed, lying on her stomach.
She grabbed the remote and flipped the TV on, idly flipping through the
channels, trying to find something to watch.

Duncan sat on the sofa, watching the credits roll on the TV. He could
just kick himself for what he had said, let alone what he had done.
Christ! He was teased all the time and just ignored it; why couldn't he
just have done that with her? Why in the hell did he kiss her? He shut
off the television and headed towards the stairs. He was going to go up
and apologize to her. He knocked on her door, and then opened it.

Dani was all sprawled out on the bed, watching television. She looked
up at him, "Yes?"

Just seeing her lying there like that made his cock ride to full mast
once again. He walked over to the edge of the bed and stared down at

"I came up so you could finish what you started." The thought of
apologizing went completely out of his head when he saw her lying
there. He was going to have her and that was that.

She sat up and moved to the head of the bed. Her eyes got a bit bigger.
"What do you mean finish what I started?"

He grinned at her, "Just what I said. I'm not one of those little high
school boys you are used to dealing with. I am a grown man that doesn't
like to be cock-teased. You tease me, I will MAKE you finish what you
started. Now, get undressed."

She started at him for a second then said, "You WISH!"

He moved over closer to where she was sitting. "Danielle, get
undressed. You don't do it willingly, I will do it for you."

She looked him dead in the eye. "No, I won't do it. Now get out of my
room and leave me alone."

All right, she had to admit to herself, Duncan was turning her on big
time. She loved her man to be in charge; to tell her, and make her, do
what he wanted to. However, she also knew that unless a guy knew that
ahead of time, he wasn't going to do it and risk her screaming rape. So
she felt confident that if a guy did do something he would do it at her
pace if at all.

Duncan now grabbed the neck of the t-shirt she was wearing and ripped
it right down the middle. His eyes crawled over her firm, pert,
pink-nippled breasts. She pulled herself up to the head of the bed,
grabbed the blanket, and covered up; staring at him with big eyes, not
sure what to make of the whole situation. He moved up to the head of
the bed, pulled the blanket off her and did the same thing to her
panties that he had done with her t-shirt. He stared down at her, a
grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

She looked up at him, her eyes getting wider by the second. "Uncle
Duncan what are you DOING? You shouldn't be doing this to me."

He grinned down at her, "I shouldn't be doing something that you were
WANTING me to do to you? You've been teasing me all night, which tells
me you obviously want me to do this.

She scooted as far up the bed as she possibly could; staring at him.
She was outwardly glaring at him but inside there was a mixture of fear
and arousal. The teen had to admit to herself that his being a rough
bad ass was a huge turn on for her. Most men his age would have caved
the minute she threatened them, but not Uncle Duncan. He had called her
bluff and wasn't going to put up with her crap. She now just had to
decide how she was going to do this. Was she going to fight him and
make him take her or was she going to submit and let him do it?

His lust-filled eyes crawled up and down her naked flesh. The sight of
her young nubile body made his cock start to throb once again. God had
she grown up! She was sure a far cry from the young girl he used to
play with. Reaching down, he grabbed his shirt and stripped it off,
dropping it to the floor. Then, with her eyes following his every move,
he reached down, undid his jeans, and pushed them and his underwear
down and off, letting his hard cock finally spring free.

She stared at his member with opened mouth amazement. He was huge! Yeah
she had seen bigger in magazines but never in real life. He was about 8
inches long but was at least 2 1/2 inches around. Not only that, but he
was also uncircumcised, something Dani had never seen before.

He looked back down at her and grinned a bit, not a grin of amusement
or laughter but one of mischievousness. "So, what's it going to be Miss
Skinny? Are you going to do it willingly or am I going to have to make
you? The choice is totally yours; I can do it either way - - easily."

She looked at him to see if he was serious but couldn't tell. Then she
narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at him, "You wouldn't DARE!"

Stepping closer to the bed, he took her chin in his hand and looked
down at her, a wicked grin on his face. "Try me Miss Skinny! I am
deadly serious about this. I assure you that I will either, make it as
pleasurable as possible, or I will force you to finish. Either way, you
WILL finish what you started. If I force you, I cannot guarantee that
you will like it, but it is entirely up to you which way it goes."

His green eyes bored down into hers, to let her know that in no way was
he joking with her. He didn't have to look down to know his cock was
rock hard and throbbing. He could feel it twitching involuntarily and
he could feel how wet the head of it was from the pre-cum. Deep inside,
his conscious was telling him what he was doing was wrong and that he
should stop and walk away from her; to just handle it himself, but he
couldn't. She was too much of a turn-on for him to do that.

"So, what is it going to be, Miss Skinny?"

Licking her dry lips, Dani stared hard at him. No, he wasn't kidding;
he would indeed force her to do what she started. There was a bit of
allure to that, she had to admit, but she wasn't going to go down that
road with him yet.

Lowering her eyes in a way that she hoped was contrite, she said, "I
will finish it Uncle Duncan."

Grinning from ear to ear, he looked down at her and said, "That's my

Leaning down, he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and
kissed her passionately, pushing her back, flat on the bed, crawling in
with her and straddling her prone body. Gradually he made the kiss more
passionate and fervent. Positioning himself a bit, he was soon between
her legs, with her thighs propped up on his. Then he started rubbing
his throbbing member up and down her slit, her WET slit.

Breaking off the kiss, he looked down at her, grinning from ear to ear,
he said, "My, my, my Miss Skinny, you have grown up more than I
thought. You are liking what your Uncle Duncan is doing for you, aren't
you? You aren't the sweet innocent virgin I first thought you were.
Done this a few times haven't you?"

Blushing and giggling a bit, she looked up at him. "No, Uncle Duncan I
am no virgin." Blushing a bit harder she lowered her eyes, and
answered, "And, yeah, I do like what you are doing to me. I like it a

Leaning down, he muttered in her ear, "Then I will give you more of it.
All you want, actually."

He kissed his way down to her neck and began to nibble on it, while he
grasped his cock and started to run the head of it up and down the
teenager's dripping slit as a prelude to starting to slowly ease it
into her tight hole.

Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck and let her fingers
toy with his hair, as that massive piece of meat between his legs
started to enter her. As she thought it might, it did hurt a bit; she
just wasn't used to someone of his size, but she tried to relax and not
tighten up, so that it wouldn't hurt any worse than what it already

He eased it into her slowly; trying to minimize the pain that he knew
had to be accompanying the intrusion. He was incredulous. Grown women
squealed and screamed in pain when he entered them, (yeah it was the
girth and he knew it), but here was a teenager taking it without making
a huge production of it! Not only that, but Dani was a lot tighter than
they ever thought of being! However, her tight, hot little cunt was
making his cock throb harder than ever, so he had to keep a tight reign
on his libido.

She started to moan softly in his ear, shivering and wiggling around a
bit; not from pain but from how good that massive cock of his was
making her feel. Moreover, he wasn't even in all the way and fucking
her yet!

She clung tightly to him and moaned into his ear, "Oh please Uncle
Duncan, put it all in and fuck me!"

He pulled up a bit and looked down at her, a smile playing at the
corners of his mouth. She was an anxious one!

"Whatever you want Miss Skinny."

Leaning forward he roughly crushed his mouth down onto hers, and then
with a firm force, he pushed the rest of his cock all the way into the
teenager's tight hole. Rotating his hips slightly to wiggle his cock
around in her tightness, trying to loosen it up a bit, he held still
for a couple minutes.

Moaning into his mouth, she clung to him harder and arched up slightly,
grinding her pussy onto his cock, trying to encourage him to start
fucking her.

Chuckling a bit, he said, "A bit eager are you Miss Skinny? No worries,
I'll give you what you want, just hang on."

He then started to slowly move in and out of her, in long deep strokes,
sliding his huge throbbing prick all the way in and out of her tight,
little pussy. He let one hand trail softly over her pert and perky
little breast, rubbing the nipples until they were hard little pebbles
and she was covered in goose bumps, moaning loudly. Then he let his
fingers run down over the soft, silky skin of her slightly concave
stomach to the soft bush of her pubic hair. Combing his fingers through
it softly he gradually worked his way down until the tips of his
fingers touched the hood of the teenager's clit. It was already hard
and covered with her juices, a sure sign of how turned on he had gotten

Getting a bit of her sticky juices on his fingers, he then started to
rub around that sensitive little button. He could feel the little
bundle of nerves throb under his light touch and she let out a long,
loud moan, shuddering like a horse.

Gripping on tightly to him, Dani lifted her pelvis off the bed and
pushed herself up onto his cock and fingers at the same time. She
wrapped her legs tightly around his waist the best she could, holding
him to her; looking up into his eyes, panting, "More Uncle Duncan,
please more. Fuck me!"

He started moving his big cock in and out of her a bit faster and
harder then, and his finger diddled her clit a little bit faster.
Chuckling, he grinned down at her, "My, my, my Miss Skinny, you sure as
hell ain't the sweet innocent little girl I remember you as being. As a
matter of fact, you're a little slut now aren't you? Begging me to fuck
you? Naughty Girl."

Bending down, he kissed her passionately once more, and then broke it
off and looked into her eyes, his face only inches away from hers. "I
like naughty little sluts like you. I like fucking them and giving them
every inch of my big cock. So keep on behaving like a naughty little
slut and you will get all you want of me."

He then started slamming into her harder and faster, sliding his cock
in and out of her tight walls, feeling her pussy grip onto him as he
pulled it out, as if it was reluctant to let him go.

Sweat had popped out all over her body and was starting to run down her
in tiny rivulets, drenching the sheets beneath her body. Her hair was
soaked and plastered to her head in wet strings. A pale pink flush had
covered her body, giving her skin a pink glow to it. Her breath was
coming in short gasps and she was moaning continuously. That big dick
of his was producing feelings no other man she had been with, had ever
done. They were the slam bang done thing. Uncle Duncan wasn't like
that; he was making sure she was enjoying this, the same as he was - -
giving her a pleasure as he was feeling. He had her wiggling all over
under him, unable to hold still, and soon enough she could feel the
familiar throb that was signaling her oncoming orgasm.

Digging her nails into his shoulders she whimpered, "Oh God Uncle
Duncan! I'm going to cum! Don't stop - - PLEASE!"

"Open your eyes and look at me!" he growled in a loud firm voice.

Dani immediately opened them and gazed up at him. They were droopy and
slightly clouded over, a sure sign of how excited he had her. "Good
slut. I will let you have your release THIS time, but from this point
forward, I think we will have to work on controlling that so you come
only when you have my permission. Agreed?"

Nodding she moaned a yes. No one had talked to her like that before and
God, did it turn her on!

"Very good, slut." Duncab leaned back down over her and continued to
work on her clit and to slide his big cock in and out of her tight
little pussy. He whispered softly in her ear, "If I had known you would
grow into such a slut I would have come to see you earlier and taken
you before any other man had a chance. So then, you would have been
mine from the beginning. But that is no biggie; I can still make you
mine, and plan on doing it. Do you want to be my little slut? Mine and
mine alone? Be my exclusive little slut? Let me give you what you crave
so much?"

Wiggling all over, she turned her head and looked at him, licking her
lips, shuddering violently, "Yes! Oh god yes Uncle Duncan!"

Slamming hard into her for emphasis he said, "So be it, from this
moment on you are mine and mine alone; MY slut!"

He worked his cock harder into the teenager's pussy and let his fingers
manipulate her clit faster until he could feel it throb under his
touch. Within seconds, she slammed onto him so hard that she almost
knocked him off her. She then threw her head back and let out a loud
wail and came, drenching his crotch with her sweet juices. When her
pussy started quivering on his cock, he couldn't hold back himself and
let his load flood her walls, moaning through tightly clenched teeth.

When she had finished, and lay under him, like a wet, limp rag, she
looked up at him, her chest still heaving and panting heavily. "Did you
mean that Uncle Duncan? Do you really want me to be yours totally?"

He looked down at her and grinned, his skin flushed bright red, with
sweat running off him, "Any little girl that likes what you do and can
take this cock of mine I want for my own. Besides, I like little sluts
like you," he said, giving her a toothy grin.

Giggling a bit she grinned up at him, "So I'm Uncle Duncan's' little
slut now?"

"All mine and only mine. From this day forward."

He rolled off her, letting his now semi-limp erection slide out of her
now slightly-stretched-out-hole and lay on his side, pulling her to his
chest and holding her. "And I plan to use you on a regular basis."

"How are we going to do that? I mean, aren't mom and dad going to be
suspicious of us spending so much time together?"

Stroking up and down her sweaty back, he held her to his chest, "Not if
you are one of my models they won't. And from this point forward, you

She squealed in delight, "Really? I am a model now?"

"My exclusive, yes. I will get your parents' permission in the morning
for it. Now..." he said, reaching down and holding up his sticky cock,
"get down there and lick your mess off me. Then we will get dressed and
head to my place, where we can have some more fun."

"Yes Uncle Duncan."

Quickly, she slithered down between his legs and looked closely at his
large cock for the first time. He was uncut, that was a first for her.
She had never even seen it but it didn't bother her in the least.

Sticking out her tongue, she ran it up and down over the foreskin,
cleaning the mixture of her juice and his spunk off it, before wiggling
her tongue on the inside of it.

He let her bathe it for a while, before taking her head in one hand and
guiding her mouth down over it. He then showed her how he liked to have
it sucked.

Dani moved her mouth up and down on it, doing it how he showed her;
sucking on it, letting her tongue drag up and down and wiggle on it,
until he was moaning and shivering. She could feel that big piece of
meat throbbing in her mouth, and then felt his hands on her head
pulling it off.

Looking up at him, licking her lips she asked, "Did I do something

Stroking her hair softly, he smiled, "Not at all. You did it too well.
As a matter of fact, I was about to cum, but I wanted to hold off until

Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her up to him and kissed her
passionately, and then swatted her on the ass. He then got up and
pulled his jeans on. He grabbed her nightgown and tossed it to her.

"Put that on, that's all you will need for the drive over to my place."

She tugged it on over her head, and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting
for him. He grabbed some of her clothes out of her dresser, and stuffed
them into a gym bag, and then picked it up. He scooped her into his
arms and held her close, giving her a passionate kiss.

"Let's go have some fun now, Miss Skinny."

The End
2006-05-08 12:40:52 UTC