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STORY KATIE'S DISCOVERY 1 (Mf, cons, pedo, incest)
2006-05-07 06:54:45 UTC
KATIE'S DISCOVERY 1 (Mf, cons, pedo, incest)

[ part 1 ]

Little Katie didn?t *quite* angrily stomp upstairs. She knew better
to do that. Mommy and Daddy didn?t expect her to be bouncily happy
having to obey everything they told her. But throwing a tantrum--either

verbal or physical--wasn?t an option, either. Well, it *was*, but only
if she was prepared for the potential consequences: sharp scoldings,
lectures, cornertime or spankings--or any combination of the four, none

of which she was willing to risk tonight, over her bedtime.

The little girl huffily plodded to her room, closing the door and
plopping down on the edge of her bed, her pretty face pouty and
She *hated* bedtimes! Specially when she wasn?t at all tired or sleepy!

Here it was, her second week of summer vacation, and she *still* had to

go to bed so early! She knew Mommy and Daddy weren?t being mean to her
about bedtimes; they?d sat her down and explained all about why they
thought bedtimes were important. One thing Katie was utterly positive
about: her parents loved her, absolutely, and they never decided
anything just to be mean, or convenient.

Still, that didn?t mean she had to *like* it, after all. Her little
chest rose and lifted as she deeply inhaled, then just as deeply
in a gusty, put-upon sigh. She didn?t *want* to go to sleep! But she
knew better then to argue or fuss, so she toed her sneakers off,
them fall to the floor, laces still tied. At least that was *one*
she?d won! Mommy used to scold her about taking her shoes off without
untying the laces first, saying that doing that ruined the shoes. Katie

had just looked at her one day and said, ?But Mommy . . . that doesn?t
make any sense! I outgrow them before they fall apart!? Mommy had just
looked at her oddly a moment, her face and lips twitching, them scooped

her up in her arms, hugging her as she burst into laughter. And that
the last time Mommy had scolded her about untying shoes first.

Her socks followed next, tiny fingers tugging white cotton ankle socks
off small little sweaty feet, then Katie hopped off the bed and padded
barefoot over to her hamper, tossing the damp socks inside. That was
another rule that Katie?d argued about, but lost: dirty clothes and the

hamper. Clothes couldn?t just be dropped anywhere. They either had to
hung back up--which usually Mommy helped do--or neatly folded for later

that day, or put in the hamper. Katie didn?t know *why* she disliked
that rule; it wasn?t as if it was terribly hard or difficult, after
She could even see the sense behind it. But still! Sometimes she just
wanted to toss her clothes where they lay after stripping them off and,

when she did, she *really* resented having to hamper them!

She pulled her tee-shirt up and over her head, then tossed that inside
the hamper as well, before unsnapping, unzipping and wriggling her
little cutoffs down over sleek curveless hips, letting them slither
little slender legs and puddle around small fragile ankles. She wiggled

one small bare foot out of them then, with a huge grin, flicked the
cutoffs towards the hamper with her other foot, bouncing up and down in

just her Pooh panties as she scored a ?basket?.
Then deeply sighed again. She did *not* want to get ready for bed, and
that was that! Suddenly, her huge gray eyes slowly widened, darting at
her closed bedroom door. Katie thoughtfully nibbled her full soft pouty

lower lip between tiny white perfect teeth. Mommy and Daddy had been
sitting together on the couch in the family room when they?d sent her
off to bed, with that ?look? they had sometimes, specially when they
were about to get mushy with each other. That meant she probably had at

least half an hour before one or both of them came upstairs to check on

her and tuck her in.

Usually she?d delay until the last minute before slipping under the
covers, sort of her own private defiance of that horrid bedtime rule.
Sometimes she?d read, or quietly play. And sometimes she?d even be in
bed and asleep. Well, she wasn?t at all sleepy, nor did she want to
or play . . . at least, not play any of her usual games. Katie stood
there, shifting her weight back and forth on tiny bare feet,
the last few days. And the new games she?d played with her playmates.
Ones like ?Hide-and-Seek?, but with a new twist, for the ones caught
tied up and had to be ?rescued?.

Katie still remembered the first time she?d gotten caught, and bravely
marched off to ?jail?, where she had to sit down and let herself be
tied. How her heart suddenly went thumpity-thump as she felt the jump
ropes wound around her wrists and ankles. That had been the oddest,
scary-marvelous feeling ever!
Yet it was kinda disappointing, too, since it was pointless to struggle

at all. For one thing, the rule was that you hadda be rescued; you
couldn?t escape on your own. Good thing, too, since none of them really

could tie well. It didn?t take Katie more them a minute or so to
her hands free, and she still had to sit there and wait anyway to be
rescued. That was frustrating!!

Worse, Katie was quite athletic for her age, and usually never got
caught in games like this. So it was quite obvious to all that
was up when Katie suddenly was getting caught so often. They didn?t
what--thank goodness!!--quite yet, but she was embarrassingly aware
it wouldn?t be long at all before someone guessed that she liked being
caught and tied. Which wouldn?t be so bad, if they actually *could*
really tie up!

Even worse, they hadn?t wanted to play those variations this last week,

even though Katie had tried talking them into it. They seemed to have
gotten bored with the idea, even as she?d grown more and more entranced

and enthralled.
Little Katie glanced at her dresser, still nibbling her lip. She wanted

to feel that way again and, if *they* wouldn?t play that game . . .

Padding over to her dresser, Katie removed two pair of Kelly green wool

knee socks, then padded back over to her bed, hopping up onto it then
scooting down to the middle. Her heart was going thumpity-thump again
she pressed her bare slender legs together and looped one of the knee
socks around her little ankles, tying the ends off in a bow knot, just
like her shoelaces. She tied another just below her knees, trembling a
little in excitement and something else, something she had no words to
explain, as she watched herself wriggle her tied legs, and she felt
sensation. She had two knee socks left, one was going to be for her
hands, which left one. Her mouth went dust-dry even as her heart
even more, as she recalled something she wished had happened during the


In a matter of moments Katie had pulled one knee sock between her
tying it behind her head, then rolled over onto her tummy. Placing her
hands behind her back, she twisted the remaining knee sock around
wrists, then lay there for a moment, feeling odd shivery tingles racing

through her. Very vague, half-defined images and daydreams flickered
through her mind, ones that made those shivers feel ever-so-nicer.

Still, it was frustrating and disappointing, too. It didn?t take but
test to discover that the knee sock between her teeth did nothing at
to keep her quiet. All it really did was leave the taste of wool in her

mouth. And knowing all she had to do was twist her hands to get loose
spoiled the excitement a great deal, too! She softly sighed, even as
snuggled deeper against her sheets, wondering what it would be like to
*really* be tied up!
Again, vague, undefined daydreams flickered in her mind, as she lay
there, almost drowsing. She was so relaxed and happy . . . that she
never heard the footsteps on the stairs. It wasn?t until her door
creaked open that she jerked and jumped and squeaked. Katie looked over

her shoulder just in time to see Daddy peek his head around the corner
and murmur, ?All ready to be tucked . . .?

She ducked her head against the sheets, softly whimpering, acutely
embarrassed, both at Daddy seeing her in just panties, but far worse,
was seeing her laying there tied in her socks! What was he going to
think? Or say? Or do?? The little girl trembled even harder, this time
from shame. Daddy was never going to understand! She was gonna be in
soooo much trouble!!

?Ooooooh, my baby angel girl,? Daddy softly, tenderly crooned at last,
stepping over to the bed, ?That will never do at all!? Katie?s eyes
round, wide as saucers, as she heart that, as she felt Daddy gently
slide the loosely twisted knee sock from around her tiny wrists, only
then cross them . . . and rewind the knee sock around and around, much
more firmly, before tying it off. ?No, this won?t do at all!? he
murmured, shifting downwards, untying the two loosely securing her
slender little legs. Daddy crossed her small feet, then retied the knee

socks just below dainty knees and around tiny ankles, much snugger then

she had, and with a secure square knot, cleverly placed where prying
little fingers couldn?t reach.

Katie was still too stunned and shocked, still too mortified to move,
let alone say anything. Her bowels felt full of ice water, and she
knew--just *knew*!--that a scolding or lecture (or a spanking!) was
around the corner! Meanwhile Daddy took from her dresser another two
pair of knee socks, plus an ankle sock. One knee sock was firmly tied
above her dainty knees, while another was slipped under, then looped
around, her little arms, drawing them snugly together before tied off.

Even through the shame and embarrassment of being discovered--and the
worries of the possible consequences--Katie was discovering that her
wrists, and the rest of her, unlike ever before, were much more
bound, and that discovery both fascinated and distracted her. As was
Daddy?s reactions and actions; he just kept softly smiling as he
tenderly stroking her long soft silky auburn hair between binding her.

Now he was rolling up the ankle sock into a tight cylinder, then slid
down one knee sock, to the middle. Katie simply watched in stunned
silence, feeling as if hypnotically paralyzed. He untied and removed
sock around her head, removing it, then held the thick, rolled up,
sock-encased ankle sock to her mouth. ?Open, sweetheart,? he murmured.
Without a thought she did, unconsciously obeying Daddy, then her huge
eyes grew even wider as he gently but firmly pressed that soft yet
compact sock between her gleaming white tiny perfect teeth. The ends of

the knee sock were then wrapped around her head, twice, folded no wider

then her open mouth, securing the wadded ankle sock even more, before
being tied behind her head. Then Daddy wrapped *another* knee sock
around that! This one unfolded, and covering her mouth from under her
nose to just below her chin! Again it was wrapped twice around before
being tied off behind her head, and then Daddy stepped back a moment,
silently watching.

Satisfied that she wasn?t uncomfortable or in pain, or scared and
frightened, Daddy softly murmured, ?Have fun Princess!? before walking
to the door. At that Katie jerked, suddenly scared, thinking Daddy was
going off to tell Mommy about this, scared about the trouble she was
gonna be in. She turned her head, to call out to Daddy, to try and
explain, and her tummy abruptly flip-flopped, her heart hammered
thumpity-thump like never before, as she heard the silly muffled sounds

she *did* make! Daddy simply smiled, a tender loving smile. ?It?s all
right, sweetheart. Daddy understands. Just relax, and have fun. Mommy
and I will be up in a little bit to tuck you in.? At that, he closed
door behind him, silently chuckling to himself as he paced downstairs,
picturing Mommy?s expression when he told her of his discovery. ?Like
Mother, like daughter!? he grinned to himself.

Katie, in the meantime, was discovering that, no matter how she twisted

and squirmed, struggled or wriggled, that not a single sock was
not even a smidgen! She was well and truly tied up, well and truly
helpless! It was unlike anything she?d felt before, and the tingling
shivers that caused has goosebumps racing up and down her silky bare
skin. She finally exhausted herself with her struggles, and simply lay
there, limp and slick with sweat, damp auburn ringlets stuck to her
forehead and cheeks, with the silliest smile on her face under the knee

socks. She still was nervous and apprehensive about what was gonna
happen, but for now she slowly drifted into sleep, feeling oddly safe
and secure even as she felt the knee socks inescapably binding her.

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