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STORY: My Kids Get Trained ((MM/g/b, ages 7 and 6, whippings, inc)
2006-05-07 07:34:21 UTC
My Kids Get Trained

By Cuckold Wimp John (MM/g/b, ages 7 and 6, whippings, inc.)

The following story is sexually explicit. It is to be accessed and read
by broad minded adults only. This story was either posted to this
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My boss Al and his assistant Luke were having a field day with my two
little kids. Al, who is in his mid-50's, and Luke, who is about my own
age (37) are both good sized guys, both standing just over six feet in
height and very muscular, were in the midst of raping Justin, my son,
who had just turned 6 a few weeks ago. My wife Cathy and I were seated
comfortably on Al's sofa watching the exciting scene before us in total
lust. Cathy had her skirt hiked well above her thighs and her right
hand was buried in her wispy panties as she toyed with her pussy. I
could easily smell her cunt juices as she busily fingered herself, and
I smiled. I had my pants lowered to my ankles and was slowly stroking
my six inch cock as I watched Al and Luke go at poor Justin. Our son
was sobbing noisily, but that just seemd to turn old Al on all the
more. Cathy and I loved the sound of his sobs too and they increased
when Al smacked him across the face and barked at him to shut the fuck
up. Al managed to get Justin's clothes off with not too much of a
problem and Luke now grabbed our son by the hair and tossed him over
the back of the arm of a chair. Al went around the other side and held
the boy down as Luke placed the bulging head of his ten inch cock
between the crack of Justin's ass.

"I'm goin' up in the little bastard now, Al," Luke called out to Al,
"so hold him steady."

"No problem, pal, " Al replied. "This little slutboy isn't going
anywhere." Then he laughed loudly.

"God damn, he's tight, " Luke winced.

Then he began to push a Cathy and I looked on with lustful glee. It
took a few minutes and a lot of grunts on the part of Luke but he
finally managed to ram his huge fuck pole up Justin's 6 year old virgin
asshole. Justin wailed and screamed in protest at the invasion but it
did him no good. Cathey and I looked at each other and grinned when we
at last realized that Luke was inside our son's anus. Another couple of
shoves by Luke and a few more screams and sobs by Justin and the ass
fucking began in earnest.

"Fuck him, Luke!" Al bellowed. "Fuck the holy shit out of the little

And Luke did his best to comply, ramming in and out of Justin's torn
apart asshole as my wife and I watched in sheer bliss. Al was holding
Justin in tow and his own cock, which was almost as big as Luke's, was
standing out proudly, his hairy balls resting on the back of Justin's

"Man, this kid's asshole is the tightest I've ever had," Luke groaned
as he continued to shove in and out between our boy's asscheeks. He had
his big hands pressed snuggly to our son's hips and held him in place
as he literally fucked the shit out of Justin. I could now see shit
pouring out of Justin's ass and the sight of it turned me on greatly,
although I wasn't sure just how Luke was going to take to all that shit
being on his cock and even running down his big balls once the fucking
was over. My wife let out a long, lingering sigh when she saw the shit
so I knew it had turned her on also.

I had been so engrossed in Justin's rape and ass fucking that I'd
completely forgotten about Emily, our sweet little 7 year old daughter.
Emily was about ten feet away from where her little brother was being
so brutally sodomized, tied naked to a dining room chair, where Luke
and Al had put her just minutes ago. She was watching her kid brother's
rape and it was difficult to calculate her reaction because of the gag
in her little mouth. Al had gagged our lovely blond haired daughter
with her own cute white cotton panties. Her eyes were wide open though
and she was indeed staring at the scene and also sobbing a bit, but not
as much as Justin of course. She probably figured she was next and
maybe was trying to gain some childlike insight on how it all worked. I
watched her for just a minute then turned back to Al, Luke and Justin.
Luke was on the verge on shooting his load and I sure as hell didn't
wish to miss THAT! A minute later he let go.

"Aghh, shit, fuck, piss .. I'm cumming!" he yelled out, and cum he did.
He gave a few manly thrusts up deep inside our boy, then let go.
"Agghhh, FUCK ..!" he wailed. And then shot off deep up Justin's
asshole. The load was so heavy and thick that a lot of it soon began to
ooze out of the boy's anus and mixed with the shit and ran down Luke's
balls and legs. He popped his spent cock out a minute later. It was
well coated with Justin's shit. Justin heaved a sigh and at last
stopped his sobbing.

"Good piece of ass, huh?" asked Al in an excited tone.

"The best, " Luke panted. Then he looked over at me and Cathy. "Your
kid here has one sweet, tight asshole," he said.

"Glad you liked it, Luke, " I replied proudly,happy that he had enjoyed
the ass fucking.

"My turn now, " Al stated. "Let me at him."

"Not so fast, buddy," Luke smiled. "You see this mess all over my cock
and balls? The kid has to clean it up."

Luke went over and lifted Justin's weary up and positioned it flush
with his now slimy prick.

"Open your mouth, fuckboy. You got some cleaning up to do here."

Justin looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Don't give me that look, asshole, " Luke told him. "You better start
sucking this cock or you're in for one hell of a whipping."

Justin then looked over at me with those same pleading eyes.

"Do - do I have to do that, daddy?" he sobbed.

"Yes, son, you do, " I informed him. "You caused that mess so it's only
fair that you clean it. Now get busy and suck Mr. Johnson's cock and do
it good too because I am sure he will whip you raw if you don't."

A moment later Justin's small mouth opened and Luke shoved his cock in
it. Justin sucked and slurped and did a pretty damn good job at
cleaning it. Then Luke ordered himn to lick and suck his balls also
until they too were clean. Justin did a good and thorough job there as
well. Then it was Al's turn to have a crack at the boy's tight and very
absued bloody asshole. Al wasted no time laying Justin down on the rug.
He placed Justin on his back and slipped a throw pillow under his small
ass, then ordered my wife and me to come over and hold Justin's legs
apart wide so he culd fuck him. Cathy and I scurried over and each
grabbed a leg. spreading them as far apart as was possible while Al
postioned himself atop the kid. Justin's asshole was nicely lubed up
now from his previous fucking so Al had almost no problems at all
getting that large cock of his up our boy's ass. He fucked Justin with
marvelous thrusts, taking time to french kiss the boy, as we held his
legs apart and gasped in awe at the sight of our 6 year old son getting
his second ass fucking of his young life. It didn't take Al long to
climax either and he shot forth a very nice load of his cum juice up
Justin's little butt as Justin screamed out in agony. When Al pulled
out he bent over Justin's face and made him clean his cock and balls
with his mouth. He and Luke then dragged a scared and sobbing Justin
into our bathroom, placed him in the tub on his back and proceed to
piss all over him. The two men made me and Cathy hold their cocks and
aim them at our son as they covered him with their smelly urine.

"Get him cleaned up," Al instructed my wife. " I might want to use him
later again."

My wife nodded and set about cleaning Justin up. Al and Luke returned
to our living room and I followed.

"I think it's time for this cute daughter of your's to suck some cock,
Bob," Al informed me.

I nodded in agreement. I couldn't wait to see my sweet little girl
sucking cock. My own cock ached with pleasure from the thought of it.

Luke and Al untied her, removed her panties from her little mouth and
then pulled her roughly to her feet.

"Time for you to suck some cock, bitch," Al said to her. "But first I'm
going to whip you. I like whipping little girls," he added. "Have you
ever been whipped before, cunt?"

"No -- no .." Emily stammered in fear. It was pure joy to see the look
of fright on her lovely young face.

"Well, it's about time you get a whipping then, " Al scoffed. "Get down
on your hands and knees and don't you move or you'll get extra strokes,

"Yes .." she cried, tears streaming now down her face.

Al extracted a small black leather whip from the bag he had brought
with him and a few seconds later the first lash from his whip hit Emily
flush on her cute behind. She wailed and let out a yelp as Al struck
her ass again. He agve her ten lashes in all and when it was over
Emily's ass was marked beautifully with very bright red marks. No cuts
though but two welts were there in evidence on her left asscheek.

He then commanded her to her knees so she could suck his cock. He had
to get on his own knees in order for her to do this.

"Next time I am going to whip your little cunny," he told her with a
grin. "Now get busy and suck my cock. It's nice and hard again from the
whipping I gave you, you little slut, so I should have a nice load of
cum for you to swallow. Now get at it, you filthy little slut."

Emily must have learbed a lesson watching her little brother get it
beacuse she quickly opend her tiny mouth and accepted Al's big prick.
It was fabulous witnessing my very own daughter sucking my depraved
boss's cock. I was only sorry that my wife was missing out on this
demented scene. Luke walked over to where I was and told me to slowly
jerk his cock while we both watched my cute daughter suck Al's cock. Al
held her by the head with both hands as he viciously fucked her little
mouth and Luke seemed pleased with the senuous hand job I was giving
him as he stood alongside me.

"Stroke me slowly,buddy," Luke told me. "I like the idea of you
stroking my cock to get it ready for your babyslut daughter to suck on,
don't you?"

"Yes, Luke, " I replied honestly. "Very much so. I hope you give the
little whore a nice big load too.", I moaned, and Luke laughed.

"I intend to, " Luke promised.

A minute or two later Luke and I watched in delight as Al shot off in
young Emily's mouth. The jets of cum choked her and she tried to pull
back but Al held her head steady and she was forced to swallow it all.
Then Al amde her lick the head of his prick and his balls also. Al
looked over at me.

"Later on, " he told me, "I'm going to make the little pig rim out my
asshole and maybe even shit in her mouth. What do you think of

I moaned. "I - I'd like to see that, Al, " I gasped.

He checkled lewdly.

"In fact, Bob, " Al said, "I may just shit on you, the boy and that
slut bitch whore you're married to. And if you all don't EAT my shit,
you will all be whipped and tortured. Got it?"

"Yes .. yes, Al, " I moaned again. My cock almost shot off hearing his
filthy words. Again he laughed.

"Man, we got us some real sicko parents here, huh, pal?' he said to
Luke. But Luke didn't answer him. He was too busy stufing his once
again hard cock into my little girl's mouth.

"Suck me, you little babywhore," Luke commanded of Emily. "Suck my cock
good and make me cum, you dirty babybitch!"

Emily sucked him for all she was worth and was shortly rewarded with a
large dose of Luke's cum down her gagging throat. Luke withdrew his
cock after he finished cumming and slapped Emily acros the face. She
began to cry again, so he kicked her in the stomach and ordered her to
shut up, threatening to pull off her tittie nipples if she didn't. She
halted her crying at once.

"Bob, your kids are great slutbabies, " Al said to me. "I'd like to
take them to a party next Saturday night if you and your wife have no
objections and you better not have any, " he added.

"What - what kind of party?" I inquired.

"It's a snuff party, Bob, " Al informed me matter-of- factly. "A bunch
of parents are in the group along with some men like Luke and myself.
We get together once a month and the parents bring their kids of
course. We abuse and molest them, also lots of torture and beatings.
Then, at the end of the night, Bob, all the kids names go into a barrel
and we draw one out, sometimes even two names are drawn. That kid or
kids gets snuffed and the kids parents, usually the dad, gets to select
the type of execution for his child. It can be hanging, beheading,
impalement, even electrocution, and a few other ways too. How's that
sound to you? Would you and your slutty wife like to bring little
Justin and Emily to one of these snuff parties?"

My cock almost spurted.

"Yes,Al, we would," I admitted.

"Good, " Al replied with a huge grin. "Saturday night then, okay?

I nodded and the cum shot off from my cock while Al and Luke looked on
with laughter and elation.
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